EA hopes to release a racing game every year after purchasing Codemasters


SHE hopes that the acquisition of the British racing game developer Codemasters allows them to start releasing a new racing game each year while maintaining their racing franchises.

In a communication accompanying the financial results report today, EA discussed the motivations behind its acquisition, which include the desire to increase its presence in the world of speed. EA CEO Andrew Wilson described racing as “one of the greatest sports globally” during the report.

Dirt Rally 2.0 Review
Dirt Rally 2.0

EA’s presentation underscored that Codemasters’ line of IPs includes Dirt, Dirt Rally, Grid, Project Cars and the upcoming Project Cars Go mobile phone franchise, as well as F1 and the upcoming World Rally Championship license coming in 2023.

They would therefore be added to EA’s own franchises, which are Need for Speed ​​and Burnout Paradise, as well as Real Racing (which has not appeared since 2013).

In the same report, Blake Jorgensen has spoken of the viability of F1 Racing in particular as a franchise gaining appeal in the US, suggesting that EA would become the leading distributor in racing games, given the great opportunities the genre has. .

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