EA Play already has about 13 million active players


Initially, the Electronic Arts subscription service was only available on PC. But currently it is also possible to subscribe through PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In addition, it has recently become an integral part of Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate), so there are many ways to take advantage of its services.

As expected, this expansion has favored very important growth for the platform. To the point that, currently, EA Play It already has around 13 million active players around the world. Keep reading and we will tell you all the details.

As Gamingbolt reports, the data came in during EA’s recent quarterly tax earnings release. It has not been specified what percentage of players comes from Xbox Game Pass (it would be interesting to know the data), but the company has made some statements expanding the information. This is what Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, has commented on the matter:

“We are also expanding our leadership in subscriptions. The innovative integration of our EA Play service with Microsoft Game Pass has accelerated our subscription business, with nearly 13 million active players on our service on four platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and our client. EA. With more players valuing the subscription model, and with our scale across all platforms and content, we are building a strong and growing business with recurring revenue. “.

Although the percentages have not been further detailed, we can make a small approximation based on the latest data that had been published. In this way, we can say that, in November 2020, EA Play had 6.5 million subscribers. That does not mean that the other 6.5 million players using EA Play right now are Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but the truth is that it is a very feasible possibility.

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