EA removes FIFA content concession while investigating EA Gate


EA has cut off all content release indefinitely at FIFA 21 while investigating allegations that an employee, or at least someone related to EA’s FIFA, has been selling valuable Ultimate Team cards on the black market for real money.

EA has updated information on the scandal, called by the community “EA Gate“, and they have explained how they have already launched a rigorous investigation and how it could have happened at the same time that they are finding the accounts that have received content illegally.

The company has also clarified that any of these accounts that have received that content can already be banned forever.

The items received, which must be earned through hours of play or other methods (see following broadcasts on Twitch) came from other accounts that depend on EA, of course without permission and with inappropriate use for the company.

Receiving content or buying it for money is something that EA condemns, and that “goes against the competitive integrity of the game, is a violation of EA’s User Agreement and is something that they will not tolerate.”

While they know that these illegal activities have only affected a small number of accounts and items, it is still unacceptable to the team. Following the investigation, EA will take action against any employee found guilty and any item sold in this way will be removed from the FUT ecosystem in addition to banning the accounts that have benefited from it.

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