EA shows the next generation of The Sims (The Sims 5?), with the working title Project Rene: everything shown


Inevitably, so long after the release of The Sims 4, the question everyone is starting to ask is, “When will we hear about The Sims 5?” Well, Maxis has just revealed what appears to be the next generation of the simsalthough calling it “The Sims 5” may not be entirely correct.

The working title, for now, is “Project Rene”, and it was first shown during today’s Behind the Sims event. The name Rene was chosen for its references to words like renewal, rebirth, and rebirth, “to represent the developer’s renewed commitment to a bright future for The Sims,” ​​according to a press release.

Project Rene will allow for collaborative play, as well as play across multiple supported devices.

The Sims 5? we don’t know yet

Project Rene is at a very, very early stage, and it probably won’t be available for several years. So we don’t have a lot of details about what it’s really going to entail, but we do know that it’s still fundamentally The Sims.

During the broadcast we could see the customization of some furniture with a level of detail impossible until now in The Sims games. This included a demonstration of editing a bed cabinet piece by piece, adjusting elements such as the color and pattern of the quilt, and the design and shape of the footboard. We saw a similar level of detailed editing on a sofa, including changing the color and design of the individual cushions and the overall shape of the different elements in the single piece.

Furthermore, we saw the same game file copied on both a PC and a mobile device, and Maxis revealed that Project Rene will be playable on various compatible devices. It will also work both as a solo experience and in collaboration with others.

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“From the beginning, The Sims defined life simulation games and they have continued to grow into an incredible platform for creativity and self-expression,” said Lyndsay Pearson, Vice President of Creative Franchise for The Sims.

“Today marks the start of our journey for years to come as we work on this next game and creative platform, currently titled Project Rene. We are building on the same foundation that has made The Sims compelling for generations of gamers and pushing the boundaries for create new experiences. We will have much more to share as we continue to progress through the development of the game and through the milestones along the way.”

The future of The Sims 4

Maxis has promised that will continue to update The Sims 4 for years to comeand early access will be offered to small groups over time to this new project.

In addition to the Project Rene reveal, other interesting details from the presentation include a partnership with Overwolf for a new mod manager CurseForge and a user-generated content discovery platform; a promise of monthly updates for The Sims 4 now that the game has gone free-to-play, and brief visual previews of two future expansion packs for The Sims. We also got a sneak peek at Babies, which are finally coming to The Sims 4 (and not just cribs anymore) in 2023.

Project Rene does not have a release date.