EA will decide whether to continue development or cancel Anthem Next later this week


The fate of Anthem is up for grabs depending on how an internal review of Bioware’s game reboot goes. This accounts for a new report that says there is so much chance that EA will expand the Anthem Next team or sideline the game entirely.

According to a new Bloomberg report, EA executives will review the latest version of Anthem Next later this week. Depending on how the project progresses, EA will continue to support and grow the Anthem Next team or “drop the project.”

Anthem Next (or Anthem 2.0) was meant to be a kind of remake from Anthem, BioWare’s action RPG planned as a game-as-a-service that quickly lost interest among gamers. BioWare turned over the Anthem project to BioWare Austin, which works specifically on regularly updated projects like Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The BioWare Austin Executive Producer Christian Dailey, became the face of Anthem Next, writing three blog posts about Anthem Next development throughout 2020. But according to the report, Dailey left the Anthem team in December as part of an administrative restructuring. BioWare’s Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah also joined the company in December.

Dailey’s departure raises more questions about the future of the project.

On its development blog, BioWare Austin detailed some changes the team considered for Anthem Next, including loot updates, weapons, the Halberds (the robot armor that players pilot and customize), and changes to the skill tree. Basically a top-down review and Bloomberg says other major changes have been made to “Anthem’s core systems and UI.”

This does not mean that Anthem Next has been officially canceled yet. That remains to be seen after EA’s internal review, and if the project is shaping up successfully, the development team will scale up to continue the project.

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IGN Spain analyzed Anthem and gave it a 7.5 mark emphasizing that its energetic combat could not overcome the lack of launch content and the tedious routine within a few hours of play, trusting that “the world of Bastion has enormous potential that to date of its launch still seems wasted “, just the reasons for giving this new opportunity to the title.

Precisely the second Chances They have become increasingly common in video games thanks to stories of failure turned into success with examples like Final Fantasy 14 and No Man’s Sky.