Easy Ways to Install Apps on VIZIO SmartCast TV


Easy Ways to Install Apps on VIZIO SmartCast TV

Smart TVs are in demand not only due to their user-friendly features but also their capability to run a number of interactive apps. If you have a Smart TV at your home, chances are high that you’re interested in using streaming applications such as Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube on it. Apart from them, you can download weather, news, and sports apps as well. To download these apps, get a reliable internet package by making a call to Spectrum customer service

VIZIO Smart TVs are quite popular among users. They can download a wide range of apps on TVs (from VIZIO) released in 2016. However, since the launch of their SmartCast TVs, they no longer enjoy the same freedom. But fixes are available for this. If you’re looking forward to adding some apps to your VIZIO SmartCast TV, continue reading below. 

 VIZIO History

VIZIO is a popular smart TV manufacturing company. They released SmartCast TVs in 2016. Users could install apps on these smart TVs with the help of dedicated software apps from the company such as the VIZIO VIA and VIZIO VIA Plus. However, in subsequent TVs, you can only stream content with the help of Chromecast or AirPlay. The company then launched the LED TV (Quantum Dot) which has support for Alexa and Google Assistant. There are different approaches to installing apps based on the type of smart TV you have from VIZIO. 


Both these are internet apps (before 2017) present in selected smart TVs from VIZIO. You can stream your favorite content with these apps such as movies, TV series, and music by installing popular apps such as Hulu and Netflix. 

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 VIZIO SmartCast

VIZIO launched this TV after its initial offerings and restricted users from installing apps. However, you can use Chromecast-cast-enabled apps to cast them on the TV. This continues till today even after the release of VIZIO’s 4K TVs. Apart from Chromecast, you can also cast apps using AirPlay.

 Add Apps with VIA

Adding apps to your VIZIO Smart TV, released before 2017, with the help of the VIA app is now easy:

  • Press “V” on the remote.
  • Choose “Connected TV Store”.
  • Select the “All Apps” option.
  • Here, select an app to install. Press OK.
  • Click on “Install App” to install it.

Add Apps with VIA Plus

Check if your Smart TV has support for VIA Plus. If it does, follow the instructions below to install an application. 

  • Press “V” two times. 
  • Now, you will see all the installed apps under “My Apps”.
  • Other tabs such as “Featured”, “Latest”, and “All Apps”, will be present here.
  • Navigate through them to select an app for installation purposes. 
  • Select an app to install. 
  • Select “Install App” to install it. 

 Add Apps to SmartCast TV

SmartCast TVs from VIZIO do have Netflix and Hulu already installed in them. However, you cannot install apps with the help of VIZIO VIA or VIZIO VIA Plus. Here, your best bet is to cast them from your phone by using Chromecast or AirPlay.

  • Open the Play Store from Google (if you have an Android smartphone) or App Store from Apple (if you have an iPhone). 
  • Choose an app to cast to your Smart TV.
  • Select “Download” and wait patiently as it installs.
  • Open the casting app and cast it on your Smart TV. 
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 How to Remove Apps

On Smart TVs with VIZIO VIA and VIZIO VIA Plus, open the “My Apps” tab. Next, highlight the app’s icon and click on “Delete” present in the submenu. Press “OK” to confirm your selection. If you’re casting the app on Smart TV, simply delete the app from your smartphone. Go to “Settings” followed by “Apps”. Look for the app here and tap on it. Tap on the “Uninstall” option that will be visible here. 

 Vizio SmartCast Mobile Application

You can also download the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app for your VIZIO TV. Thankfully, it is present on both the Play Store on Android devices and the App Store on Apple devices. This app will allow you to effectively manage all your apps. You can also control the content streaming on the Smart TV. You can switch on and off devices, control video settings or adjust streaming settings, and more. The VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app is ideal for use with Home Theater Displays (2016-2017), SmartCast TVs (2018 – 2019), Sound Bars, and Crave Speakers.