Echo to have Hawkeye spin-off series on Disney +


When we have not even published the series of Hawk Eye in Disney + (in original version called Marvel’s Hawkeye, although it would be expected that it would be translated in Spain), the platform is already preparing a spinoff of the same that will focus on the character of Echo.

Variety has reported that a new series focusing on the character, a deaf Native American girl to be played by Alaqua Cox in the upcoming Hawkeye series, is already in development, indeed.

Echo is a Marvel Comics character created by David Mack and Joe Quesada who first appeared in the Daredevil series of graphic novels. Her real name is Maya López, and she has the ability to perfectly replicate any fighting style (similar to Taskmaster, the villain of Black Widow). She became famous by being the villain of Daredevil and at the same time developing a certain desire in Matt Murdock. She will end up joining The New Deniers as the first Ronin. It is an identity that Hawkeye himself will take and that is seen in the scene in which he reappears in Avengers: Endgame, when he is fighting criminal organizations.

Many Marvel characters appear in the Echo comic arc, not just Hawkeye and Daredevil; also Moon Knight (Moon Knight). This could be a bridge between the Disney + series and the long-awaited series about the latter character that will have Oscar Isaac as the main actor.

Hawkeye and the future Echo spinoff are just a few of the many, many television shows in development on Disney +. Scarlet Witch and Vision finished its first season already and Falcon and the Winter Soldier it premiered last week. There are more series on the way, like Loki, Ms. Marvel, Hulka and others.

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If expected and there is an Echo spin-off, it will mean that Marvel opens the door to more series of Marvel characters as time goes by. Who knows, we will maybe have a Hellcat one that comes from the Hulka series? Or one of the Skrulls for Secret Invasion … Disney is open to everything.