Ecuador: a prosecutor investigating violent deaths was shot dead

Edgar Escobar was shot dead in front of the Guayas Prosecutor's Office.  (Photo: State Attorney General's Office).
Edgar Escobar was shot dead in front of the Guayas Prosecutor’s Office. (Photo: State Attorney General’s Office).

Once again an Ecuadorian prosecutor was assassinated. The new victim has been identified as Edgar Escobar Zambrano, who was shot on the morning of September 19, outside the Guayas Provincial Prosecutor’s Office building, in downtown Guayaquil. Escobar, 43, worked in the Persons and Criminal Guarantees Unit and investigated cases related to violent deaths.

Two suspects were captured in the vicinity of Cerro Santa Ana, a tourist area of ​​Guayaquil, located 15 minutes from the place where Escobar was assassinated. The State Attorney General’s Office indicated that the two detainees were transferred to the Cuartel Modelo Flagrancia Unit and placed under the orders of the judicial authorities. In the capture operation, the National Police seized a motorcycle and the weapon with which they would have shot the prosecutor.

The State Attorney General, Diana Salazar, expressed his outrage on Twitter because Edgar Escobar is the third prosecutor assassinated this year. On other occasions, Salazar has explained that the officials of the institution suffer threats and intimidation: “I am deeply outraged by this new murder of a fellow prosecutor, the third so far this year. The actions of delinquency will not stop the work of the Prosecutor’s Office to combat crime in our country. We demand guarantees and security to carry out our work”.

According to what was published by the media GKEscobar Zambrano was director of the Litoral Penitentiary, the most violent prison in the country, in 2010. Currently, the prosecutor was in charge of the investigation into the fourth prison massacre that took place in November 2021. In addition, Escobar Zambrano investigated the case of corruption and bribery that left millions in losses to the Social Security Institute of the National Police.

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As part of his work, Edgar Escobar was part of the investigation of the murder of Jaime Villagomez Fayadthe young animal rescuer who was killed by assassins in the Historical Buijo of Samborondón, 18 kilometers from Guayaquil.

Escobar Zambrano He is the third prosecutor assassinated in Ecuador. One month ago, Frederick Star he was shot by gunmen in Los Ríos. Fiscal agent Estrella would have received between five and six shots. The man, who was traveling in his vehicle, was intercepted by unknown persons traveling on a motorcycle. After the attack, Estrella was seriously injured and his death was later declared.

In May of this year, the prosecutor Slim Marina Light, who arrested the partner of the “Ecuadorian Pablo Escobar”, was also murdered by assassins. Delgado participated four years ago in the arrest of Julia JMG, partner of alias Gerald, known as the “Ecuadorian Pablo Escobar”, who had an arrest warrant for investigative purposes for the crime of money laundering. Julia was arrested in a police operation on April 17, 2018.

When the death of prosecutor Estrella was known, the State Attorney General’s Office issued a statement in which it expressed a “energetic rejection of the wave of violence that the country is experiencing, the attacks, threats and intimidations of which the servants of this institution have been victims”. For the entity, this is not an isolated case because violence “charges fatalities every day.”

Except for the publication by the Attorney General, for the moment the entity has not yet issued any statement in reference to the murder of prosecutor Edgar Escobar Zambrano.

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Guayaquil, Duran y Samborondon They have become one of the most dangerous cities in Ecuador, since they concentrate the highest number of violent deaths this year: 939 of 2,471 registered in the country until September 1. Even Guayaquil entered the list of the 50 most violent cities in the world for its homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants.


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