Ed Sheeran Cancels Last Minute Las Vegas Show


Ed Sheeran Cancels Last Minute Las Vegas Show:

Ed Sheeran canceled a show within Las Vegas upon Saturday night, mere seconds prior to it was supposed to start. Witnesses told the Las Vegas Review Journal that people had already lined up outside Allegiant Stadium and that some of them passed out amid the stifling Vegas summer heat.

Alex Newill, who wanted to go, told the paper that the only things that scared us were safety and communicating. We shouldn’t have had been the primary ones to take people to the doctors and tell people the event was canceled. Sources claimed the Review-Journal that problems with the stage as well as sound system caused the show to be canceled.

In a post on Instagram, Sheeran said, “During the load-in for our Vegas show, we ran into some problems. Sheeran stated Sunday afternoon that a safety problem was the official cause for the late call.

Sheeran Said Sunday Afternoon That The Correct Cause For The Late Call Was A Protection Issue Caused By Problems With The Floors For His Audio Towers:

The 32-year-old celebrity shared an unnamed news story upon his Instagram page: “Rubber tiles had come loose, which caused two tall towers to move about a foot each overnight.”

Engineers took the rig apart to make it stronger, but both towers continued to be moving, so the project was canceled. Sheeran wrote on his post, “It was a comfort problem, and we tried our best to help the show happen, yet I’m not going to put my fans’ safety at risk for anything.

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I’m really upset. This wasn’t something I could have stopped, but I’m responsible for everyone who was upset by the cancellation.”

Sheeran Will Go Back To Nevada On Oct. 28 And Play The Show:

Sheeran will go back to Nevada as well as play the show upon Oct. 28. He will respect all tickets bought for his show on Saturday night. “We can’t continue with the show,” he wrote upon Instagram.

“I feel terrible. I know that everyone has come here, but I wish I could alter it. The concert will be moved to Saturday, October 28, and all tickets will still be good for that date. I’m terribly sorry.”

The show was supposed to start at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, but the doors didn’t open until after 5 p.m. The Review-Journal says that workers within the arena were desperately trying to fix the structural problems so that the show could go on.

Around 8 p.m., Sheeran was supposed to take the stage. Instead, he was seen taking pictures alongside the few fans who had made it into the stadium prior to the show was stopped.

Said Sheeran I Know That Everyone Has Come Here, But I Wish I Could Alter It:

“Nothing will change how hard people worked to get to Vegas, though, as well as I’m sorry that the people waiting outside didn’t know sooner,” he wrote.

“Right up until the last minute, we really felt the show was going to happen, but it couldn’t for safety reasons. Again, I’m sorry to everyone who was hurt, and I hope to see you all in October.

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“I know everybody has traveled within for this, but I wish I had the ability to alter it,” he said. “The concert will be moved to Saturday, October 28, and all tickets will still be good for that date. He added, “I’m so, so sorry,” which was the last part of his message.

“This evening’s Ed Sheeran show has been reset for Saturday, October 28. Tickets that have already been bought will be good for the new date.”

In A Message To Rolling Stone, The Technology Problems At Allegiant Stadium Were Brought Up:

Sheeran didn’t say what the “challenges” were that led him to move his show, yet in an email to Rolling Stone, local media, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Allegiant Stadium said that “technical issues” were to blame.

“Because of technical problems, Ed Sheeran’s show at Allegiant Stadium tonight has been moved to Saturday, October 28. Tickets that have already been bought will be good for the new date,” the statement said.

“We apologize to all of Ed Sheeran’s fans who were looking forward to a show tonight for the delays as well as trouble this has caused.” “People waiting outside and on our social channels, website, as well as venue app got updates as quickly as possible.”

Raeann Schneider Paid $400 On Concert Tickets To See Sheeran With Her Boyfriend Matt Wenet To Celebrate Her 28th Birthday:

“The stadium doors opened at 5:05 p.m. so fans could get out of the heat, and our team made sure that anyone who needed help got it,” said the last part of the statement.

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The Clark County Fire Department helped several fans who were having “heat-related problems.” One fan was taken to a nearby hospital after sitting outside the venue for hours in temperatures between 90 and 100 degrees.

Raeann Schneider, a Canadian who spent $400 upon tickets to Sheeran’s indicate to celebrate her 28th birthday alongside her partner Matt Wenet, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “It just stinks because now we won’t be able to see him because we’re not going to spend the entire amount of money to come back to Vegas.”