Ed Sheeran Serves ‘Em Up At Chicago’s Famous Wiener’s Circle


Ed Sheeran Serves ‘Em Up At Chicago’s Famous Wiener’s Circle:

On Saturday, people shouted this as they crowded into Chicago’s famous Wiener’s Circle hot dog stand. The restaurant is renowned for its food and its rude staff, but yesterday, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran was working the bar and drew a lot of attention.

Sheeran said upon social media that on Saturday afternoon he would be giving away free hot dogs at the restaurant. Sheeran was there, and he was happy. He talked to friends and customers and served tasty hot dogs from the famous stand.

Fans Came To See Ed Sheeran:

Fans of Ed Sheeran came to see him work at The Wiener’s Circle, a famous hot dog stand in Lincoln Park known for its sassy staff, while he was there. The singer-songwriter said on short notice that he would be giving away free hot dogs at the place on Saturday afternoon.

No reason was provided for the showing out of the blue, which may be the next big thing for celebrities. Lana del Rey was seen working at a Waffle House within Alabama not too long ago. Prince William was also seen at a UK food truck giving out Earthshot veggie burgers.

Telemundo Chicago took pictures of Sheeran happy as he talked to fans and customers, which is something that workers of the famous restaurant might not usually do.

The Wiener’s Circle wrote, “Our newest trainee, @edsheeran, has a lot to learn he’s way too polite and friendly.”:

A social media post from the establishment says that Sheeran shouldn’t quit his day job. The Wiener’s Circle wrote, “Our newest trainee, @edsheeran, has a lot to learn; he’s way too polite and friendly.”

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Sheeran’s visit happened just a couple of hours before his stop at Soldier Field with Khalid and Cat Burns on his Mathematics Tour.

As the “Perfect” singer gives off hot dogs, his workers insult him and fans crowd around him, but Sheeran can’t stop smiling as well as laughing.

Within Another Post Wiener’s Says “Yesterday had been wild when @edsheeran showed up for his shift.”:

In another tweet, The Wiener’s Circle showed an overhead view of the big crowd that Sheeran’s appearance drew outside the stand and wrote, “Yesterday had been wild when @edsheeran showed up for his shift.”

The musician wrote on Sunday about his weekend in Chicago: “Broke an attendance number at Soldier Field within Chicago this weekend, gave a subtract show to a crowd so quiet you could hear a pin drop, got yelled at while serving hotdogs, as well as got a new tattoo.”

The musician closed his post with a vague message: “Autumn was coming; tell somebody x.” Sheeran played shows over the weekend at both The Chicago Theatre as well as Soldier Field. He wrote on Instagram that he beat the all-time record for attendance at Soldier Field.

73000 People Went To Concert:

“Chicago! He told the crowd, according to a tweet from the famous Illinois venue, that they had sold more tickets than ever before. “This is the biggest show that has ever happened here. Tonight, there are 73,000 of you here. Thank you very much for letting me spend your Saturday night with you.”

Sheeran promised the crowd at his performance at Ford Field upon July 15 that he planned to play a version of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. As soon as the crowd beginning to move to the beats, Eminem came out on stage and started singing his song alongside Sheeran.