Edens Zero already has a release date


There are many fans who await the arrival of the anime adaptation of Edens Zero, a manga that is now on television. Its creator is Hiro Mashima. Now, we even have an official release date. Last fall it was indicated that it would be sometime around April this year. Well, here comes the confirmation: it will be on the 10th. We have learned it through the new trailer, which we leave you below:

As you can see, it is a matter of less than three months for it to be released in the Japanese country, and we trust that there is also little else that will make us wait in the rest of the world to take a look at the adaptation of JC Staff. The manga has been on the market since 2018.

Edens Zero tells the story of Shiki Granbell, an orphan raised by robots on Granbell, a desert planet that was once a large theme park. He will befriend Rebecca and her cat Happy, who go to the old park to record content and post it on their website, called “Aoneko Channel.”

Source: Comicbook

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