eFootball shows the improvements of its version 1.0 in a gameplay almost as long as a match


Although the game received harsh criticism, Konami promised that the update dated April 14 will fix the situation.

In this industry, there are titles whose mention generates applause and cheers, and there are games that are remembered with a wave of criticism and boos. This is the case of eFootball, whose launch disappointed a large part of the community to the point of being considered one of the worst games of 2021. However, Konami has not thrown in the towel with its most recent football installment, and that is why we are now attentive to the next version 1.0.

The gameplay lasts 85 minutesAfter seeing many bugs in the eFootball experience, it is not surprising that players are hesitant about the update announced by Konami. However, the company wants to change the perception of users through a gameplay that, shared by the middle VGCshows us everything that has changed (or, rather, fixed) in its title dedicated to the beautiful game.

eFootball 2022

You can see the gameplay at the beginning of this news, but if you intend to analyze all the scenes of the game in detail, we recommend you prepare a snack and something to snack on. After all, we are talking about a video that lasts 85 minutes and, therefore, it could be seen as a perfect opportunity to enjoy a football match (although with different games in the game, of course).

Be that as it may, there is less than a week left to experience the changes introduced by Konami in the upcoming update. Our first approach to the full version of the game it has not been as good as we expected, something you can read about in our eFootball review. However, we have also had the opportunity to taste version 1.0 and, as we already told you in our first impressions, it seems that the developer has put the batteries to give us the delivery we deserve.

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