Eight Mastodon servers where you can enter this new decentralized social network and run away from Elon Musk


A couple of days ago, we explained to you what Mastodon (the fashionable alternative to Twitter) was and its particular decentralized operation. The latter has generated the occasional headache for aspiring ‘mastodoneros’, because of the non-existence of a ‘central’ server: there are only dozens of servers that intercommunicate with each othermanaged by individuals and private entities.

But then, In which of all of them to register? Relax, for that we bring you some suggestions today. We have sought to prepare the list taking into account three criteria:

  • That does not exclude Spanish speakers.

  • That it does not discriminate on the basis of user ideology.

  • Number of users (except for the last server, included as a curiosity).

CLUBHOUSE THE SOCIAL NETWORK of VOICE messages What is how to enter and how to use it


Mastodon.social presents itself as “the original server operated by Mastodon gGmbH (‘non-profit entity’, in German)”. Its administrator is Eugen Rochko, the creator of Mastodon’s own software. With 208,000 active users at the moment, it is at the top of the list.

It also has a list of blocked Mastodon servers (that is, it does not intercommunicate with them) longer than my arm (for the purposes of this metaphor, think of me as having an arm like Reed Richards’s). Let each one decide if that is good or bad.

What is Mastodon and how to start 'tooting' by creating an account in this alternative to Twitter


Mastodon.online is a server that has the same administrator as the previous listing platform. No element seems to distinguish them beyond their smaller number of users: 86.000 active.



“Hello! mas.to is a fast, up-to-date and fun Mastodon server.” The truth is that, as a description, it does not tell us much. But perhaps its 95,000 active users are indicative of its role in the Mastodon community.


“A general purpose Mastodon server with a 500 character limit. All languages ​​welcome.” mstdn.social is another generic-on-par-than-popular serverthis one based in Germany and with 78.000 Active users.


Mastodon.cloud is a server based in Japan (in fact, it is owned by a Japanese startup, Sujitech, administrators also of the popular mstdn.jp). It has 13.900 active users.

“Everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct! Thank you.”

Thousands of users are jumping from Twitter to Mastodon.  There they are encountering unexpected surprises


Mastodon.ART defines itself as “your friendly home in the fediverse for all things creative, all on a platform that is community owned and ad free. NO CRYPTO ART OR NFT ALLOWED.” 12.000 active users has this server


Techhub.social defines itself as “a hub, first of all, for techies, but everyone is welcome“. Based in Canada, it has 30.000 Active users.

Vivaldi Social

The creators of the Vivaldi browser have created their own Mastodon server, Vivaldi Social, for members of the Vivaldi Community (you need a Vivaldi Community account to request to be part of their Mastodon). It has 3.100 Active users.

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