Either the director of God of War is losing patience, or we will soon know something about Ragnarok


Cory Barlog is being very active on social media regarding the upcoming PlayStation exclusive.

Owners of a PlayStation console continue to ask themselves the big question: When will God of War: Ragnarok be released? The Santa Monica title for PS4 and PS5 still has its launch window set for 2022, and in recent weeks we have been seeing different clues that only fuel the debate about when it will be available.

While, Cory Barlog, director of the 2018 God of War, has returned to Twitter, and has done so without half measures. The creative is interacting more than ever with users and, if we saw a few days ago that he was joking about the rumors of delay, now continues to make references to God of War in your messages.

It seems that he is fed up with the rumors about RagnarokFor example, reply with gifs to whom they say they hope the date will be announced soon and don’t shut up before those who claim to have information about a possible State of Play. Anyone would say that Barlog evidence fed up with rumorsbut you may also want players to remain hopeful that there will be positive news soon.

The best proof of all this is the independent tweet that he has posted in the last few hours, without replying to anyone directly. In it we see a gif of Kratos breathing next to the message “keep calm, boy”. It seems clear that he is not enjoying having to read so many rumors about Ragnarok.

Pending a release date confirmation, God of War: Ragnarok for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 is still set for release. sometime in 2022. At the end of last year we were able to chat with Cory Barlog himself at 3DJuegos, leaving us an interview where he details aspects such as his role in supervising the new installment or how they raised the reboot of the franchise.

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