Elden Ring will let us play with the most crazy characters: a very complete avatar creation is filtered


As we saw with other Souls, From Software’s next work could take its customization much further.

There are only a few weeks left until the launch of Elden Ring, and gamers couldn’t be more anxious for this moment. To cheer the public, From Software has been giving some of the most curious about its delivery, which without entering the scope of spoilers have given some brushstrokes about what we will find in its open world. Following this line, we already told you that the next Miyazaki would be the culmination of everything that has been done with the Dark Souls, and it seems that the studio has achieved this with more aspects than we think.

Recently a new detail of Elden Ring has been leaked: its system of character customization. Although we are already used to this necessary step in the Souls, From Software has redoubled its efforts in this section to leave us infinite possibilities. And we are not exaggerating one iota, since the ER-SA video on YouTube allows us to see a good piece of this system.


As you can see, this filtration has fuzzy sectors that make it impossible to read key sections in personalization such as class selection or different facial and body characteristics. However, it is more than enough to understand all the crazy things What can we do with this character customization, which will allow us to create everything from normal avatars to monsters that will haunt us in our nightmares.

Of course, Elden Ring aims to become a work that accompanies us for many years, either to rediscover its world or to explore mechanics of different kinds. From Software has not only endeavored to give us land full of detailsBut it has also taken a forced step with the adventure graphics. As for the experience itself, we already told you in our first impressions that its Dark Souls formula It works like a charm in a fascinating open world.

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