Elephant and her child were killed by train, Forest Department seized the rail engine

A few weeks ago in the forested area of ​​Assam, the State Forest Department has taken a tough step in the case of the death of a female elephant and her baby cut by a train. A 35-year-old female elephant and her baby were killed in an accident a few weeks ago. The elephant’s skeleton was found about one km away from the site of the incident. Now the forest department has seized the said railway engine. In fact, after the distance of one km between the skeleton of the elephant and its child, the forest department came to the conclusion that the train was running at a much faster speed than the fixed speed limit in the forested area. Also Read – IRCTC / Indian Railway: No more food in trains? Know what is the plan of the railway

It is against the rules. In view of the presence of elephants and other wildlife in this area, the speed limit of trains has been fixed on the railway tracks passing through it. NDTV has published a report in this regard. Also Read – Indian Railway: 22 pairs of special trains will run from Karnataka before Diwali-Chhath, learn routes and timings

However, North Frontier Rail said that the action of seizing the rail engine is only a procedural requirement. According to NDTV news, the North Frontier Railway said that this is not the first of its kind. The process of seizing the engine was in process to investigate the case. There is no operation problem and the railway is using this engine. Also Read – Indian Railway: Railway passengers gift, trains will be run on these routes before Chhath-Deepawali, see list

According to the report, the incident took place on 27 September. The officials of the Forest Department of Assam took the train engine into their possession on Tuesday.

Assam Forest Minister Parimal Suklabidya said that the railway works for the transportation of goods for its projects through this train. Its speed was very high at the time of the accident. Due to this the train could not stop.

He said that when a forest staff arrived at the scene, there was a skeleton of a 35-year-old female elephant, there was a skeleton of a one-year-old elephant at a distance of about one km.

After this, the Forest Department investigated the matter under the Wildlife Protection Act and found that the engine speed of the train was very high at the time of the accident. After this, a team from the forest department seized the engine from the Bamunimaidan locomotive shed.

Railway said that after this incident the driver and co-driver of the said engine have been suspended. However, the seized engine was later returned to the railway. In return, the Railways has asked to compensate the forest department for Rs 12 crore.

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