Elon Musk announces that you can now buy with Dogecoin on the Tesla website, and the usual thing happens with its value


Just a month ago, Elon Musk announced through his Twitter account that Tesla would let people buy some products with Dogecoin and “see how it goes.” The CEO of the company did not announce a specific date for the entry into force of the measure, but this morning he confirmed that it can already be purchased with the cryptocurrency on the Tesla website.

However, as expected, you can’t buy anything, like for example cars. Let’s see, Tesla has for sale merchandising for fans of the brand and products of that type, but not those that the majority of those interested in what Tesla represents in terms of mobility and electrification will buy.

Dogecoin soars again, business as usual

Tuit Elon

Following Musk’s announcement, the Dogecoin soared back over 20%, similar to what has happened many other times when the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has spoken about cryptocurrencies, both explicitly and less clearly. When support comes with such an important announcement for Tesla, confidence in cryptocurrencies grows even higher.

From the web they have provided a FAQ about the possibility of using Dogecoin to buy on Tesla.com. The most important thing is to know that we can only buy with the cryptocurrency the items in which its symbol appears next to the ‘Order’ button (order or buy). The Dogecoin price will include applicable taxes. What’s more, the buyer will have to bear the fees that apply in the transactions.

What is Dogecoin, how does it work and why has it become so popular?

There are also interesting details like if you send an amount that is not what Tesla asks you, they can cancel your order, or that you cannot pay from several wallets, but from only one. You also cannot return anything purchased with Dogecoin, or cancel an order made with the cryptocurrency. As we can see, when buying with Dogecoin you can lose out quite a bit compared to paying with money.


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