Elon Musk calls the law that forces platforms to delete copyrighted content a “plague for humanity”


Elon Musk has been making headlines for a few weeks thanks to his attempt to gain control of Twitter (a process that we learned today has “temporarily paused”). But the CEO of SpaceX, Neuralink, and Tesla, and co-founder of PayPal and OpenAI, has plenty to say on many other topics as well. And today he offers us an example with his statements about the DMCA and copyright law in general.

‘DMCA’ is the acronym for the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Law, which penalizes copyright infringement on and off the Internet. According to Musk, such regulations has become “a plague for Humanity”and of copyright regulation in general, he asserts that he has ended up being “too enthusiastic” about his defense of the creators of cultural works, which goes “absurdly far”.

But before trying to understand Musk’s reasons for such measured criticism, we must first explain why the debate has arisen now on said regulations.

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Let’s situate ourselves: Earlier this week, Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill with the aim of shortening the term of copyright to a maximum of 56 years (actually 28 extendable upon request), without special privileges for certain companies, such as those have so far allowed Disney to retain a monopoly on the use of much of its iconic characterswhich under other circumstances would have passed into the public domain years ago.

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Although it is difficult for this law to be approved (it violates the Berne Convention, and does not have the support of the majority of the Senate), Musk has not been cowed by the possible controversy and has ruled that the current regulations, by allowing copyright to last for up to 120 years after product launch original, goes far beyond its stated intention to defend the creators of such works.

It’s not clear, reading your tweets, To what extent has Elon Musk confused copyright extension regulations with the DMCA in his Twitter posts?a law that only establishes measures to prevent copyright from being violated by disseminating works without the permission of their owners, and specifying how online platforms must process content removal notices (or ‘DMCA notices’) they receive.

Musk’s positioning is relevant because DMCA notices have caused Twitter to remove millions of tweets and media from its platform over the past few years… although it is true that the South African tycoon has also made it clear on more than one occasion that he does not plan to hinder in the least the application of laws within the platform (if one day, finally, he ends up becoming the owner of the same).

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