Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter into an app to rule them all: ‘X’ is his plan to create a multipurpose app like WeChat


After a soap opera that has lasted for months, it finally seems that Elon Musk and Twitter have reached an agreement to acquire the social network at the price they had previously agreed, that is, $54.20 per share. If the agreement is confirmed, the trial scheduled for October 17 would be suspended, a battlefield in which it seems that neither party wants to participate. Following Musk’s plans, the businessman has already offered a little hint of what you would like to do with Twitter.

As he wanted to let us understand in a tweet, Musk intends to create an application that can do everything. Something in the style of WeChat as suggested by Bloomberg. With the mysterious pseudonym of ‘X’, it seems that the purchase of Twitter will not be in vain, and everything indicates that the social network will be very different in a few years.

Twitter is the first step to create a multipurpose app

The businessman who owns Tesla and SpaceX has already shown his admiration for the Tencent app before. And it is that WeChat went from being a simple messaging app to an entire service portal, also being able to book transportation, order food, book a restaurant, make payments and more.

According to the clue he has left, everything indicates that Elon Musk would make Twitter something very similar to the Chinese app, that is, expand the social network and that it can be used for multiple uses. We know very well that the businessman makes frequent use of Twitter, and at the last annual meeting of Tesla investors he already assured that he had many ideas to make Twitter a “radically better” platform.

That ‘X’ is mentioned in the tweet is not by chance. And it is that Musk compared his Twitter ambitions with the vision he had with X, a financial services company that he co-founded in 1999 and that a year later merged with another company to found PayPal Holdings Inc. In fact, today the ‘x.com’ domain still stands, and is one of the few single-letter domains in existence. Now it is of little use, because if we access it, we simply see an X in the corner and on a white background.

Elon Musk and his little-known career in the world of video games

Although WeChat may be a deep inspiration for Musk, we must not forget that this platform is deeply controlled by the Chinese government, with moderators and algorithms prepared to censor any content not desired by the government. If the CEO of Tesla takes the step towards creating a multi-purpose application powered by Twitter, let’s hope that in his plans there will be no room for the monitoring and surveillance present in WeChat and the like.

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