Elon Musk’s Clumsy Move To Change His Twitter Name To ‘X’ Fails


Elon Musk’s Clumsy Move To Change His Twitter Name To ‘X’ Fails:

Within a single day after Elon Musk, the company’s owner, changed the company’s name from a decade-old symbol that was known all over the world to the letter ‘X,’ workers moved in to start taking down the building’s giant Twitter sign.

An eyewitness at the scene said that the sole issue was that Musk didn’t have the right licenses for the crane that was blocking the street.

Officers from the San Francisco Police Department came quickly and began “shutting it down,” as he wrote on Twitter. The cleanup job was only half done, so the sign only said “er.”

Twitter Is A Text-Based Social Media Site That Impacted Society As A Digital Town Square:

Twitter, a text-based social media site that served as a digital town square and had a huge impact on society, was shut down on Sunday by its crazy owner, Elon Musk. It had been 17 years.

A zombie Twitter, only known as X, has to keep going. X marches upon such as a White Walker, an ugly shell of what it used to be led by a hateful boss. It is a twisted and broken platform.

Twitter used to be a great place to find reliable information. Now, X is a place where haters are able to pay an affordable price to get their bad content shown before information from reliable sources.

On X Journalists Are Blocked And Slandered:

X is a site where it is no longer possible to check someone’s identity, but anyone can pretend to be someone else for a fee. On X, journalists are blocked and slandered, while the most offensive and dishonest views are given more attention.

In a statement to The Daily Beast, an SFPD spokesman said that police in the area had reacted to “a report of a potential unpermitted street closure.” Officers were able to find out through their investigation that no crime had been done and that this was not a police matter.

Elon Musk Bought Twitter For $44 Billion Last Yar:

It was just the latest in a long list of funny mistakes Musk has made while trying to change the social media platform he bought for $44 billion last year.

Bloomberg News said that as soon as the blue bird image was taken off the site on Sunday, between $4 billion as well as $20 billion within value disappeared.

On X There Are Not Clear Rules And Material Control:

On X, there aren’t clear rules, and material control is mostly a thing of the past. X is a place where the biggest and most important decisions happen on the spot and without warning.

And X was a platform where important infrastructure is falling apart and many of the most basic tools don’t work. X could be like Twitter. It might be at the same Internet address as Twitter used to be.

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But made no mistake, it is not the identical platform it used to be. As recently as 9 months ago, when Musk took over, he quickly got rid of the old leadership as well as threw the company into chaos as well as trouble.

Esther Crawford, who used to work for Elon Musk at Twitter, seemed to poke fun at him over the weekend shortly after he said he wanted to change the name of the product to “X.”

“Corporate seppuku is annihilating your own product as well as brand,” Crawford wrote on X, which used to be Twitter, on Sunday. Seppuku is an old way of committing death with rituals in Japan.

The process includes stabbing oneself within the stomach with a sword. It could be voluntary or required, based to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The process was frequently employed by warriors who had been beat within battle as well as “chose to prevent the dishonor of falling through the hands of the enemy.” Crawford’s post had a drawing of a fighter who seemed to be following the routine.

Crawford and a representative for X did not answer a request for comment before the story came out.

“Usually done by new management trying to cut costs because they don’t understand the core business or don’t care about the customer experience,” Crawford wrote.

Musk Also Fired Thousands Of Employees After Taking Charge:

He was probably talking about how Musk fired thousands of Twitter employees soon after taking the social media app private last year. Since taking over the company, the millionaire has cut the number of employees in half.

“The result was an enormous degradation of shareholder value,” she stated as one of the mistakes that new management could make.

Fidelity says that as of May, Twitter was value regarding a third of what Musk bought it in October. Dozens of big sponsors have left the site since the billionaire taken over.

Musk said earlier this month that the company was losing money since it had “heavy debt” and advertising sales were going down.

Musk Is Trying To Change Twitter Into His Own Image:

Musk has completely changed Twitter into his own image, which is similar to what Donald Trump accomplished to the Republican Party. At least, alongside Musk, the messed-up thing is getting a new name, one that might help people tell Twitter apart from what Musk has done to it.

Obviously, X will take on all of Twitter’s business problems. Musk, not the well-known bird image, has turned out to be bad for marketers and a large number of users.

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It’s not clear how the millionaire will turn that ship around in the end, especially since Mark Zuckerberg as well as Threads are now competing with him.

So far, however, there isn’t much chance that Musk will be able to guide the ship away from the icebergs. He is, shortly after everything, the captain who drove the ship into all of them while laughing hysterically with his closest friends while stood at the wheel.

According to her LinkedIn page, the Twitter manager worked for the company for a period of over two years after it bought her company, Squad, in 2020.

After Musk bought Twitter within October, she was named one of his most senior lieutenants as well as assumed charge of managing the company’s novel paid service, Twitter Blue, until she was fired in February. Since then, she’s said that she’s taking a break from her job and has been traveling the world.

Elon Musk Talks About Why He Switched From Twitter To X:

Elon Musk has told Twitter users why he is making such a big change to the name of the social network as well as message app. He says he wants to make Twitter into a “everything app.”

The investor said it was time to “say goodbye” to the old design as well as told users upon his platform, “Twitter was bought by X Corp. both to protect freedom of speech as well as to speed up X, the everything app.”

He added, “This is not just a company changing its name and doing the same thing.” He meant that the Twitter makeover would be more than just a new logo. Instead, the app would be completely redesigned.

Already X Is Mentioned Within Hundreds Of Patents:

Experts have already warned that other businesses, like Twitter rival Meta, could have a problem with the rebranding, since X has been extensively utilized and mentioned in hundreds of patents.

People who use Twitter are additionally shocked by the site’s new name and big changes. Musk says that the old name no more makes sense because he plans to make it a one-stop shop for social media as well as banking services.

Crawford is just one of many people who have made fun of the name change of the social media site. Even Jack Dorsey, who helped start Twitter, seemed a little confused by X.

New Logo Was Projected On The Outside Of It’s Office On Sunday Night:

The company’s new logo was shown on the outside of its offices on Sunday night, and a few of the branding pictures on the site have already been changed. Musk has always liked the letter “X,” and he has talked in the past about making a “X-everything app.”

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Another user, presumably making fun of how pointless the letter was, shared a fake of a Musk tweet with the comment “Cool website, you f***ing idiot.”

Early Sunday morning, Musk wrote that he wanted “a sufficient-looking X logo.” His fans were quick to offer their ideas. In his responses, a follower named Sawyer Merritt shared a few designs, and Musk chose one that he called a “minimalist art deco” symbol. “Changes will likely be made in the future, and they will be improved,” the billionaire said.

The community image looks a lot like a general Unicode character, which is a worldwide symbol that can’t be trademarked, says Eliot Higgins, the founder of Bellingcat.

Meta And Microsoft Both Own Rights For Similar Versions Of The X Symbol:

Meta and Microsoft both own rights for similar versions of the X symbol, which makes things even more confusing and could be a sign of long, bloody court fights to come.

Japanese users pointed out that a famous J-rock group owns the rights to the name “X Japan,” which could make the redesign a legal problem there as well.

Molly Jong-Fast, a writer who used to write for The Daily Beast and wrote, “I’m not a copyright lawyer, yet I think he should have checked to see if he claimed the name before altering it.”

Anyone who has even a passing interest in Musk’s messy takeover of Twitter will know about the chaos. When he took over within October, he removed as well as pushed out most of Twitter’s staff via multiple rounds of cuts. The site then had bugs and crashed sometimes.

Musk told the rest of the company’s staff that they had to work in a “hardcore” way. The perks at work were cut back. Even workers at offices were upset that there wasn’t enough toilet paper.

He lost his job at PayPal the following year. In 2017, he got the name back from the company he used to work for. He wrote at the time, “No intentions right now, yet it means a lot to me.”

After PayPal, Musk added the letter X to many of the projects he had worked on, like SpaceX, Tesla Model X, xAI, as well as his son with his ex-partner Grimes, X A-Xii.

A Twitter user said on Monday, “The short version is that this X rebrand represents the tech bro version of drunk-DMing your college girlfriend upon Facebook to tell her you still think she’s hot.”