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England announced the return of the public to the stadiums: when and how it will be

The Premier League will have an audience before the end of the season (Reuters)
The Premier League will have an audience before the end of the season (Reuters)

The deconfinement plan presented by Boris Johnson Before the deputies, he anticipates a return of spectators to sporting events on that date from May 17, up to a quarter of the capacity of the stadiums, but never above 10,000 people. For sporting events indoors, it will be possible to reach up to half the capacity of the complex, without exceeding 1,000 people.

The current Premier League season ends on May 23. Apart from some games played in front of 2,000 spectators at the end of last year, the entire 2020-2021 campaign has been held behind closed doors. According to government announcements, the rest of the restrictions would be lifted from June 21, in time for a series of sporting events due to take place this summer in England.

The semifinals and the final of the soccer Eurocup, postponed one year due to the pandemic, are scheduled in Wembley between July 6 and 11. The tennis tournament of Wimbledon, canceled last year for the first time since World War II, will start on June 28, and the British Open of golf on July 15.

In a statement, the English Football Federation applauded these measures: “The FA is absolutely delighted that the fans are coming back soon.” “Football is simply not the same without them and we eagerly await the return to full stadiums as soon as is safe and possible,” said the body.

Guardiola's Manchester City is the leader of the Premier League (Reuters)
Guardiola’s Manchester City is the leader of the Premier League (Reuters)

This announcement is a first step towards a return to normalcy in the UK, almost a year after the first of three lockdowns decreed by Boris Johnson. The prime minister declared this Monday to the deputies that the massive vaccination campaign launched in the country allowed to reduce the pressure on hospitals.

In England, the UK’s most populous nation with 56 million people, schools will be the first to benefit, with a reopening scheduled for March 8. Later, As of March 29, the slogan to stay at home will be lifted and will allow meetings again outdoors limited to six people or two different households.

Non-essential shops, hair salons, pubs and restaurants (open space only), cinemas and museums will have to wait until April 12. Cinemas, hotels, stadiums (up to a maximum of 10,000 people) and indoor hotels and restaurants may reopen on May 17, the date from which members of different households will be able to meet in closed spaces.

If the health situation allows it, the restrictions that limit social contacts will be lifted on June 21, as well as the slogan of teleworking.


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