Enzo Fernández spoke for the first time about his record transfer to Chelsea

Enzo Fernández got 1 assist in 4 games with the Chelsea shirt
Enzo Fernández got 1 assist in 4 games with the Chelsea shirt

March 4, 2020 marked the debut of Enzo Fernandez with the shirt of River Plate in the 3-0 defeat against Liga de Quito for the Libertadores Cup. A few days after the 3rd anniversary of that date, his meteoric rise amazes everyone and everyone because he became champion with Defense and Justicelifted two titles in the Millionaireemigrated to Benfica in the middle of 2022, he was key in the world title of the National Team after previously playing only 60 minutes and Chelsea made it the most expensive Argentine transfer in history. Today, he wears the jersey of a team that he saw every weekend in his childhood.

“On Sunday mornings I would get up early and we used to tune in to the Premier League. It was just me and my dad in bed with a mate watching it on TV”, he longed for the steering wheel of the 121 million euros in an interview with the British newspaper The Times. This strong investment made by the London entity did not go unnoticed by the world champion, who tried to get away from the hopes that are placed in him for that millionaire figure: “The amount of money that is paid has nothing to do with me. My job is to go out onto the field and give my best at all times”.

“It’s only three years, my professional career. Really, a lot has happened in a very short time. I still feel that I am in a learning period, in a learning curve”, said the 22-year-old footballer, who has already played 4 games as a starter under the orders of Graham Potter. And he added how his first days in England are: “I am settling in little by little. I am trying to accommodate my family as well. We haven’t found a house yet. Currently, we are in a hotel.” The language barrier is also present because he communicates through a translator, but he has already started classes to learn English.

Chelsea showed interest in me through my agent before the World Cup. It was the team that did everything possible to sign meFernandez recalled. After leaving behind his ephemeral stay in Benfica, assured: “I was very happy to have the confidence of a club like Chelsea. I know that it is a club that, traditionally, in recent years has been fighting on all fronts to win cups, always in the final stages of the Champions League, and a club with winning mentality”.

The transfer had initially been dropped, but the talks between the two leaderships were revived in the last hours of the market. The midfielder recognized that it was a moment “stressful” due to the uncertainty produced regarding his future: “The nerves were making themselves felt as the final hours approached, but I had to keep calm and concentrate on my football”.

Chelsea paid 121 million euros for the transfer of Enzo Fernández
Chelsea paid 121 million euros for the transfer of Enzo Fernández

The signing of the link until June 30, 2031 put an end to his stay in the Portuguese country, but he did not miss the opportunity to clarify the controversy that surrounded him because at that time it was reported that he had missed two practices without authorization: “He they were leaking a lot of things to the press that maybe didn’t look like what was really going on. I know for sure that I didn’t miss any training sessions. I know that all the negotiations were carried out between the clubs. I kept going, kept my head down and kept training.”

One of the great reasons that caused his jump to stardom was his participation in the Qatar World Cup with the Albiceleste, where he added minutes in the 7 games played in the appointment. There, he was able to fulfill another wish: to share the field with Lionel Messi. “I felt very aware that he was with me all the way, giving me a lot of moral support. It was a dream, my biggest dream come true, to play with him. To then continue in that team and win the World Cup, it’s almost as if God gave me a great gift, ”he declared about the“ greatest of all time ”.

That vital leadership within a team served as a basis for observing the different characteristics that make up a personality that goes beyond football: “I know I’m still young and I need to keep learning, but in the future I really want to show that I’m a leader in the group both on and off the pitch.

The number bearer “5″ He has not yet shown that facet from the oratory, but he did do so at the football level. The output of Jorginho al Arsenal He catapulted him into the starting lineup for each game, he never left and already gave his first assist on February 11 in a 1-1 draw against West Ham. His pass his goal enabled Joao Felixone of the first colleagues who contacted him to offer his hospitality: “When you get along with someone off the pitch, it helps on the pitch to have that special connection.”. “He is a great player. He is fantastic. He has a lot of ability and many qualities. He is key and important to us and he is on loan. Let’s hope that Chelsea can do everything possible to keep him in June ”, he added about the young man who must return to the Atletico Madrid at the end of the season.

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Finally, Enzo referred to the difficult present of the English cast in the Premier League. Chelsea only won 1 of the last 10 matches In all competitions, he was left out of the League Cup and the FA Cup, he is tenth with 31 points in the domestic tournament, four units from qualifying for international cups, and lost the first leg against Borussia Dortmund for the round of 16 UEFA Champions League.

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