Epic says Google created a “Fortnite task force” to safeguard its monopoly


Tim Sweeney accuses the tech giant of refusing to address developer issues.


Epic Games’ legal dispute against Apple and Google over Fortnite continues. Specifically, the latter company has been the recipient of the latest accusations by the video game company, claiming that Alphabet, Inc. He even created a working group to address the download of the battle-royale on Android outside of his store looking for discourage other developers from following in your footsteps.

“Despite Google’s public position that Android is an ‘open’ platform, when the company faced a serious attempt by a developer to distribute a successful app outside of Google Play, its executives took urgent steps to maintain Google’s monopoly on the distribution of Android apps“, exposes Epic Games in a presentation to which Bloomberg has had access.

This team was formed in 2018, and held regular meetings according to the Fortnite parents, citing internal emails from Google. For example, and always according to Epic Games, the task force clung to a possible security issue for users installing Fortnite outside of the official store.

What was the purpose of this group in the shadows?Tim SweeneyTim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, has criticized this Google policy of action. “What was the purpose of this shadow group? Optimize Fortnite on Android to ensure a better experience? Improve Google Play terms for convince developers to stay? Sadly, no … “, we can read in a message posted a few days ago on Twitter.

Epic Games sued Google and Apple and accused them of operating monopolies in the middle of last year, after being blocked from the stores of both companies. Since then he has had a court battle that has left quite a few headlines like this one. In fact, a few weeks ago it was news that Alphabet, Inc. even considered buying Epic Games after all this Fortnite controversy arose.

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