Episode 9 of Scarlet Witch and Vision has two post-credit scenes … don’t shut down early


After several surprises in different chapters of the series, it is normal that you wonder if there is post-credit scene in episode 9 of Scarlet Witch and Vision in this first season. The answer is yes, This ending features not only one post-credit scene, but two.

There are two post-credit scenes in the first season finale of Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Rest assured that we are not going to make spoilers about the chapter, but simply to keep you up to date and that you do not turn off Disney + ahead of time. Episode 9 of Scarlet Witch and Vision has its first scene in the middle of the end credits, around the 43rd minute, but has a last scene right at the end..

As we said, it is not the first time that the Disney + series does something similar, trying to maintain the interest and surprise in the viewers until the end of the chapter, including the credits. It is a common practice throughout the Marvel universe in recent years, with the movies suggesting new installments and characters after their credits.

With episode 9 of Scarlet Witch and Vision, the first season of the series ends., which has been very successful despite its original (and confusing) proposal in the first chapters. You have managed to conquer the public and, does it leave us with unknowns?

What do you think of the two post-credit scenes from Scarlet Witch and Vision? And the end?

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