Etsy Shop Owners Are Making Money Off Of Taylor Swift’s Trend For Friendship Bracelets


Etsy Shop Owners Are Making Money Off Of Taylor Swift’s Trend For Friendship Bracelets:

Jamie Tompkins is an events manager within Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She stays up well past midnight to work upon her side business, which is making friendship bands for people who are going to a Taylor Swift show.

The 46-year-old mother stated she made about $16,000 this summer by selling over 5,000 friendship bracelets with Taylor Swift designs on Etsy. “There were some weeks when creating bracelets paid more than my full-time job,” Tompkins tells.

46 Year Old Mother Said She Sold Over 5,000 Friendship Bracelets:

She is one of a group of Etsy merchants who sell bracelets with Taylor Swift designs for a lot of money.

Tompkins said she decided to sell them through her store, Pigtails as well as Pixidust, shortly after she ended up with a lot of bracelets she couldn’t give away at a Taylor Swift show within Arlington, Texas, a few months prior.

Her daughter suggested putting them in her Etsy shop, which usually sells hairbows and hats for babies and young children.

“The Eras tour has made my business,” declared Tompkins, who sells a 5-pack of CDs for $15. “Before Taylor Swift friendship bracelets were all the rage, I didn’t sell very many of them.”

Lady Said “As Long As People Want Them, I’ll Keep Making Them”:

She is now saving up her money so she can quit her job and run her Etsy shop full-time. “As long as people want them, I’ll keep making them.”

Four friends from Connecticut and Massachusetts who run the Etsy store KimbaSienaCo have been selling the bracelets they made for Taylor Swift’s Boston part of her tour nonstop since May, making about $10,000.

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Another woman who went to the Nashville show is marketing bracelets to pay back the $5,500 loan she taken out to purchase tickets for her and her kids. Last month, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia said that Taylor Swift’s tour increased the number of tourists in the area.

Taylor Swift Concert Can Pump $5 Billion Into The Global Economy:

This claim is supported through multiple additional U.S. cities where the singer-songwriter has given concerts, as well as estimates show that she could pump $5 billion into the global economy, according to CBS News.

Swift will finish the initial part of her “Eras” tour in the United States this week within Los Angeles. She will then go to a few more places this fall before going overseas next year.

What’s The Deal With Taylor Swift Bracelets?

Just a few months through Taylor Swift’s wildly popular The Eras Tour, fans have started wearing friendship bands.

Fans may have started the trend by taking to heart the words to her Midnights song “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” which say, “Make friendship bracelets, seize the moment, as well as taste it.”

Since then, Swifties have been making and sharing beaded friendship bracelets alongside each other. They then show off their growing collections on social media.

The words to her song “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” from her most recent record “Midnights,” started the practice of trading friendship bracelets at her shows.

Swift sings regarding making friendship bracelets to be a way to connect with others over a shared experience: “Cause there were pages turned and bridges burned/Everything you lose is a step you take/So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment as well as taste it/You’ve got no reason to be afraid.”

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Fans Are Wearing And Trading Custom Friendship Bracelets With The Names Of Taylor Swift’s Albums:

Fans have been known to wear and trade custom friendship bracelets with the names of Taylor Swift’s albums and songs while she was on tour.

Jennifer Garner, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, as well as Keith Urban are just some of the famous people who have been photographed with dozens of bands on their arms.

Travis Kelce, a player for the Kansas City Chiefs, said he even tried to get Swift’s attention by giving her a bracelet alongside his phone number printed on it at one of her shows.

The Common Sense Institute thinks that people in the US will spend $4.6 billion on the “Eras” tour. This includes money spent on tickets, hotels, and meals.

Which Famous People Have Been Seen At Taylor Swift’s Shows?

Reese Witherspoon, Channing Tatum, Gayle King, as well as Gigi Hadid all bought beaded bracelets when they went to Taylor Swift’s sold-out concerts in the past few weeks.

Taylor’s event was upon Friday, the 28th of July at Levi’s Stadium within Santa Clara, California. Gigi, who is 28 years old, showed off her growing collection of friendship bands.

Patrick Ta Additionally Spotted On Taylor Swift’s Concert:

A picture taken at the event showed the model as well as her friend who does her makeup, Patrick Ta, putting their hands together in the shape of a heart. Jennifer Garner is another A-lister who likes the style of bracelets worn by the superstar.

The 51-year-old mother of three was seen wearing more than a dozen bands on each arm, making her one of the craziest famous superfans.

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The many friendship bands she wore with pride at Taylor Swift’s show in Kansas this past month may have been brought to her by other Swifties.

Jewelry Sales Go Up By 40% At Art Supply And Craft Stores Owned By Michaels:

John Gehre, the chief marketing officer of Michaels Stores, told USA TODAY in an email that the Swifties constitute a “large as well as loyal bunch” that has affected the company’s jewelry sales.

“Overall, sales for our jewelry category, which includes jewelry-making kits, are up over 40 percent since mid-April,” Gehre wrote. “This is when the trend of making friendship bracelets really started to take off.”

The Biggest Jump In Jewelry Sales Was More Than 500% In Taylor’s Home State Of Pennsylvania:

Different places see different amounts of sales growth. Gehre wrote that in the towns where Swift’s tour stopped, sales of beads and jewelry at Michaels went up by 300% in the days before the show.

“The biggest jump in jewelry sales was more than 500% in Taylor’s home state of Pennsylvania, where she played two shows in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and more than 400% in Detroit, where she only played one show,” he wrote.