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Eugenie Bouchard’s twin revealed the tennis player’s hidden side: “She is almost a stranger to me”

Eugine and Beatrice see each other twice a year
Eugine and Beatrice see each other twice a year

Eugenie Bouchard She is one of the most popular tenitas on the WTA circuit, although not so much for her performances in the court, which have placed her below the top 100, but for her sympathy on social networks. There she has more than two million followers and is usually very nice, although with some of her relatives she does not have the same affinity. The one who first spoke about her was Beatrice, her twin sister, who revealed a hidden side of the player, at least for much of the public.

The 26-year-old blonde who differs in just 6 minutes in her life span, told the Blick portal that her relationship with the athlete is more distant than anyone could imagine. Despite having shared their mother’s womb for 9 months and spent much of their childhood together, when they turned 10 they separated and were never united again.

“We are definitely not a simple, happy and perfect family. Anything but that. Our parents got divorced, they weren’t happy with each other. Genie stayed with my mother. Me and my brothers, Charlotte and William, with my father. So we grew up separately, ”Beatrice explained. Over time, the distance wore down the bond until reaching this point: “It’s very fun. I know a store worker better than my twin sister ”.

Beatrice Bouchard publishes images on her social networks enjoying different parts of the world
Beatrice Bouchard publishes images on her social networks enjoying different parts of the world

“It’s still like this today, nothing perfect. I only see her twice a year since we are 10 years old. Thus, the people at the supermarket are closer to her than to her own twin sister. It’s crazy. She is almost a stranger to me”He insisted.

The most curious thing is that there have been attempts on his part to get closer to Eugenie, but all to no avail: “When I wanted to see her at Wimbledon she told me to buy a ticket.” Is that the Canadian player knew to be in position number 5 in the WTA ranking in 2014, but did not want Beatrice to be part of those weeks of glory.

Despite this, the young woman was proud of the life she leads without the help of her sister: “I studied, and I have a life to live”He also assured that he was happy to be able to work to afford all his trips financially: “Who would have paid that? Genie didn’t pay anything. People probably think: ‘Go with your sister, she will take you everywhere.’ But no, my sister has not taken me anywhere ”.

Bpouchard is currently number 141 in the WTA ranking (Reters)
Bpouchard is currently number 141 in the WTA ranking (Reters)

Eugenie Bouchard, 141 of the WTA ranking, last year expressed her desire to find a boyfriend to go through the quarantine through social networks, and a month later she surprised by accepting a date from one of her followers again. As he did back in 2017, when he had an encounter with a stranger with whom he made a bet on the Super Bowl LI, in 2020 he agreed to repeat it but with the intention of fighting against COVID-19.

As reported The Sun, First ‘Genie’ Bouchard He said that when he wrote on Twitter that he wanted a partner to pass the confinement, his agent received a wave of “resumes” of aspirants. The talk passed and a user who attended the live call Bob did not stop posting comments that revealed his “love” for the athlete. The talk took an unexpected turn when this man offered USD 500 to have a date with the tennis player. At that moment, Allie LaForce said they needed at least USD 2.600 to deliver food supplies to hospital workers fighting against coronavirus and that that money could be used to make a donation on behalf of Bouchard.

This user called Bob did not hesitate to make the donation, so ‘Genie’ agreed to go on a date with him, even telling Alli LaForce that it had all been a great idea. “You’re helping me too, being like a cupid to me because I clearly need a boyfriend. So I agree, yes, of course. I want to be part of this “, remarked the tennis player. What was unusual was the request that the former Wimbledon runner-up made to her new suitor: to bring toilet paper. AND Bob not only did he accept, he also upped the ante, saying he would add USD 1000 and Bouchard he ordered food with a British accent during the date.


Eugenie Bouchard again agreed to have a date with a stranger from social networks and made an unusual request

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