Even With Two Strikes, Comic-Con Stopped The End Of The World


Even With Two Strikes, Comic-Con Stopped The End Of The World:

This was meant to be the year that San Diego Comic-Con fell apart. After all, why would anyone try to go if Hollywood companies are pulling out while stars can’t promote their work because of the actor as well as writer strikes?

Well, there were about 150,000 people there. There was neither a large-scale cancellation of hotels nor a large-scale return of cards, which were bought months ahead of time.

And something interesting happened upon the road to the end of the world at Comic-Con. Even though Hollywood wasn’t as big as it used to be, comics and other forms of graphic arts got more attention.

The Event Took placed At San Diego:

San Diego Comic-Con is always a great place to see amazing costumes, and the present year was no different. The event took place at the famous San Diego Convention Center from July 20 to July 23.

It had fun talks and cool interactive experiences, and a fake GTA: San Andreas restaurant was almost there before Rockstar’s lawyers shut it down. What about costume, though?

“This year, greater than ever, it felt like the real focus was on the talented individuals behind the origins of a lot of their entertainment,” claims Jimmy Palmiotti, a writer and artist who has worked for Marvel and DC as well as developing the comic Painkiller Jane, which was turned into a SyFy series in 2007.

From what people said, the floor enjoyed the most people on it in years, which helped stores, artists, and producers make more sales and get more attention. Pamiottit told a story about how some booths sold out of graphic books and comics and had to restock.

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“Creators such as Adam Hughes as well as Billy Tucci told me it was their finest year ever. It was great to have the people who made the books back in the spotlight at the convention named for them, said Pamiottiti.

Sales Went Up A Lot For Comics And Lego:

Sources say that sales went up a lot for Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, as well as Lego, as well as Funko, which doubled its presence from last year. When DC started selling exclusives for the initial time, there were always long lines and most of the items ran out quickly.

Even stores which set up outside the convention center, like BoxLunch Treats, saw a big increase in business. In downtown San Diego, lines went three blocks long. And Hollywood was still there in many different ways.

Skins were wrapped within the outside of hotels to promote shows like Yellowjackets on Showtime or Shogun on FX. And instead of putting writers and players in the center of studio meetings, let video do the talk for them.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, the new movie from Paramount, had 20 minutes of video shown at Comic-Con. Paramount was one of the few companies to show up.

Paramount and CBS cut a whole episode of Odd New Worlds from their Star Trek Universe show, which made some people in the crowd wipe away tears.

Starz did the same thing, giving a sneak peek at the start of season two of the wrestling show Heels. A24 had to turn away hundreds of people who wanted to see an off-site showing of its new horror movie, Talk to Me. Only the movie’s makers, Danny and Michael Philippou, were on the panel.

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Will, one of the fans who spoke, came from New York as well as has been to Comic-Con over ten times. He only had to wait in line for five minutes to see the Star Trek Hall H talk.

Will, who didn’t want to give his maiden name, said that it wasn’t as exciting as it usually would have been. “It might have been wonderful to have the actors there, but the Star Trek footage they showed was great, and the crowd was full of great energy,” he said.

But not everyone was happy about it. “It was a little disappointing that they mostly just showed clips,” said William, who lives in San Diego and has been to Comic-Con four times before. He added that he probably wouldn’t have gone to that panel if he had known it was simply a screening.

He also thought that the gathering felt like it had more people than in years past. “People may have gone to smaller panels because there weren’t enough of those popular Hall H panels.”

Because of the strikes, some Hollywood creatives went to the gathering without having to worry about being interviewed or getting a lot of attention.

Simon Kinberg, who wrote and produced several X-Men as well as Deadpool movies, had a good time with his 14-year-old son Oliver over the weekend. “It felt like the old Comic-Con,” said Kinberg, who has been upon the Hall H stage many times.

“There were still computer games and high-tech pop-ups, but it was clear that the focus of Comic-Con was on comics and toys. We walked for days on end.” As Well As they made opportunity for the Barbenheimer event, going to see both Oppenheimer as well as Barbie on two different days.

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This is the first Kotaku costume roundup with no Luke Plunkett, so I hope he is pleased of me for carrying on in his place.

I did write that cruel costume call-out story and that one where I claimed that Phil Spencer dresses like my father when he goes to get bagels, so I am kind of ready for the part. But Luke, we miss you.

As usual, Minerablu gave us all the photos and video we have for you today. Click via to see cosplays from The Fifth Element, The Last of Us, and a lot more.

Kinberg was one of many talented people who went to the gathering just because they love pop culture. One of them was Gary Dauberman, who wrote It and wrote and directed Annabelle Comes Home. He brought his 13-year-old son, who is also called Oliver.

Marvel Is Missing During Comic-con 2023:

Kinberg said, “It was a great and honest experience, but I know that lots of people would have been more excited if Marvel had come to Hall H as well as blown up Comic-Con.

Still, there is a desire for that. When these news are made, social media goes crazy, which shows how much Comic-Con means to people. This engine is really cool.”