Every other of The Batman’s villains will have his personal collection set in Arkham, in step with its director


Caution: spoilers for The Batman under

The Batman director Matt Reeves has puzzled if Barry Keoghan’s Joker may go back one day, noting that he already There was communicate of a challenge in “Arkham area”.

Lovers were short of to look extra of Keoghan’s Joker ever since Warner Bros. launched The Batman’s deleted scene that includes the Clown Prince of Crime, despite the fact that many puzzled if they would in fact get to look the villain on display once more after Reeves will verify that he does no longer know if he’ll seem within the sequel.

Then again, in a brand new interview with Selection, Reeves sounded a lot more hopeful about the potential of Keoghan’s Joker returning for any other challenge. She instructed that it’s “very conceivable“that they are able to in finding puts for the nature to resurface one day and that he is already mentioned exploring sure spaces additional,”probably for HBO Max“.

there might be putsReeves feedback, in regards to the go back of the Keoghan iteration as Joker.There are issues I am very considering doing in an Arkham area, probably for HBO Max. There are issues that we’ve got mentioned. So it is vitally conceivable. It is usually no longer inconceivable that there’s some returning tale the place the Joker comes into our international..”

The Batverse is already increasing with a couple of spin offs as Colin Farrell has signed directly to megastar in a Penguin collection for HBO Max, and the Gotham Town PD collection that was once at the start introduced in 2020 has “advanced” into a sequence focused round Arkham Asylum. The entire solid of those two initiatives has no longer but been introduced, as each are at an overly early degree of construction.

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It stays an unknown if Keoghan will proceed enjoying the Joker. The director elaborated on Mike Marino’s make-up design for the Joker, telling IGN that he sought after to “create an iteration of it that felt unique and new, however went again to the roots“.

In spite of giving the nature numerous concept and together with a nod to the Joker on the finish of The Batman, it is transparent that Reeves hasn’t totally dedicated to him being a villain within the sequel. Then again, Reeves has introduced different conceivable villains within the sequel, reminiscent of Mr. Freeze and Two-Face, whilst Pattinson has mentioned that he wish to see Batman take at the Courtroom of Owls.