“Everything I had could fit in that closet”: Dani Alves’s moving message when remembering his humble beginnings

The photo with which he prefaced his message: his mother passed it to him (@danialves)
The photo with which he prefaced his message: his mother passed it to him (@danialves)

Before becoming the footballer with the most titles in history, building a career that today, at the age of 38, has him active in the Barcelona shirt, Dani Alves knew of deprivation. He was born in Bahia, Brazil, in a family that struggled against poverty. He got up at 4 AM with his father to work in the saltpeter fields. Or, even, already retracing his path in the sport, he supplemented his income by selling agricultural products.

The side does not forget his starting point. And he proved it with a post that he shared on his Instagram account. There, he showed an image of himself as a young man, arranging his belongings in a small locker.

Are you poor or just don’t have money? The day you change your mentality, you will change your life. Or are you thinking that life is easy? Life is the same for everyone, if the opportunity does not come to you, you have to go for it ”, he prefaced his message.

“I got this picture from my mom yesterday, and you know what I think? I think I’m a tough guy and I’ll go on to say YOU ARE A TOUGH GUY TOO, BELIEVE IT. If someone thinks you’re not, walk away. The difference between the impossible and the possible is only YOU !!!”, motivated his followers.

“Everything I had could fit in this closet, BUT MY DREAMS!!”, he completed. The post gathered nearly 350,000 likes in eight hours. The message was written in full rebirth of the career of the former Bahia side, Sevilla, Juventus and PSG. After a stint at São Paulo, he returned to Barcelona and returned to have continuity in the Brazilian team, at an age when many footballers think about his retirement.

We will have to wait to find out if Tite, coach of Verdeamarela, understands that his level is sufficient to be summoned to the Qatar World Cup, which would be his third at Senior level (he participated in 2010 and 2014). Meanwhile, he participates in the reconstruction of Barsa, with his former teammate Xavi Hernández on the bench. And he, even he, has been encouraged to publicly tempt Lionel Messi to come back to dress as a Blaugrana.

Everything speaks of his confidence, of how his personality accompanied his talent. As she narrated in the message, which quickly became viral… And a life lesson for her fans.


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