Everything we know about the new Resident Evil movie: premiere, story, characters, cast and more


Back in 2002, many fans of Resident Evil we approach the cinemas of our cities with the intention of enjoying, on the big screen, one of the most terrifying sagas in the history of the medium. The reinterpretation that Paul WS Anderson and Milla Jovovich made of this universe has been essential for the franchise to reach the status of icon of pop culture that it enjoys today.. But once that source is exhausted, Constantin Film has become aware that this saga has a lot of life left on celluloid, with which On September 3, the cinematic reboot will hit theaters of this more than profitable transmedia franchise. Let’s see what we know to date.

About the creative team

At the head of the project is director Johannes Roberts, known for the claustrophobic and overwhelming 47 Meters Down. The creative has been one of the first members of the team to make clear the intention of targeting the universe that has been cemented for so long both in the video game, and in the subsequent novels of SD Perry.

What we know so far in its history points in the same direction. The script, from the pen of Greg Russo (Mortal Kombat), among others, makes it clear that we are going to revive the events arising from the incident that took place at the Umbrella Labs in Raccoon City in 1998.

Another factor to take into account is that of the fast-paced action that we could see in the previous six films, we will move on to something closer to traditional horror cinema. According to statements by Greg Russo himself:

… I wanted to make it scary again, to go back to a classic James Wan-style horror movie, so that was the goal, to go back and find what made the games scary, so yeah, Resident Evil 7 was, in part, the basis of my project.

To this we must add the enthusiasm that its director has shown for the saga, and by their initial titles at all times. Johannes Roberts himself, according to The Hollywood Reporter, went on to say the following in a statement:

With this movie I wanted go back to the first two games, and create a terrifying visceral experience similar to the one I had when I played them for the first time and, at the same time, tell a human story about a dying small American town …

With which it only remains to add that, as he himself confirmed, we will have the opportunity to relive the main events of the first three video games of the saga, or what is the same, the entire story arc that takes place in Raccoon City.

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The main roles are reserved for Robbie Amell (Chris Redfield), Kaya Scodelario (Claire Redfield), Hannah John-Kamen (Jill Valentine), Avan Joia (Leon S. Kennedy, Neal McDonough (Willian Birkin) y Tom Hopper como Albert Wesker. While we will have practically all the main secondary ones, of which we can highlight Lily Gao as Ada Wong, Donal Longue as Chief Irons, Chad Rook as Richard Aiken, Marina Mazepa as Lisa Trevor, Sammy Azero as Enrico Marini, and Sickly Mom as Stephannie Hawkins. In this sense, the absence of a confirmed actor for the role of Barry Burton is striking, so that at the moment there seems to be no trace of the character in the production.

We do not know anything about the most famous monsters of the original trilogy, since apart from the mutations of Birkin himself, both Mr. X and Nemesis could also appear on the screen.

Premiere, project status and hypothesis

As we learned through the Sony Pictures official Twitter account last December 28, the filming of the new movie ended a few months ago, from then on to be in the post-production phase. The release date, September 3, 2021 was recently unveiled along with the presentation of its official poster.

In less than a year we will have among us this new approach to one of the mother sagas of survival horror, yes, according to its own leaders, the intention is to abandon the unbridled action to target the terror. A path that many see with good eyes, but in which It is somewhat difficult to trust, based on the tremendous cast of characters that they plan to introduce in the first film, something more typical of movies with frenetic rhythms.

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Be that as it may, at the end of summer of this year we will have among us the new versions of Leon, Claire, Chris and Jill, who will be accompanied by both Resident Evil Village and the new Netflix series, thus completing a 2021 dominated by Umbrella.