Eville is an RPG inspired by Among Us that already has Demo available


Among Us has been one of the most important internet phenomena in recent months. Its influence has not only served to create clones on all existing gaming platforms, but it is also benefiting other developments that, a priori, seem very different. This is the case of the RPG called Eville, developed by the independent studio VestGames, which incorporates many of the social elements of the InnerSloth game.

An RPG with cards and the clear influence of Among Us, this is Eville

Eville mixes the deduction elements of Among Us (where we have to find out which player is the culprit) with the Night Ultimate Werewolf card game and combines it with pure RPG elements in a medieval fantasy setting. An interesting combination that we can try right now.

The game has a totally free Demo that we can download through Steam. The game is still in Early Access and is still in development, but this small test that will be available for a limited time will allow us to discover first-hand what its main features are.

Eville is a town whose peace is disturbed by a series of mysterious murders. Players will have to discover which inhabitant has been the culprit, trying to deduce who has committed the crimes. In a multiplayer environment, as in Among Us, you will have to interact with the stage and find clues to try to find the answer.

Each character in the game has unique abilities and Eville focuses on cooperative play: the best thing is for players to put their strengths to work and combine them with those of the rest, but of course, one of them will be the culprit and will have to avoid being discovered.

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For the moment, the Demo allows us to discover the personalization of the characters, the day and night cycles of the beautiful medieval town and put its mechanics to the test, beyond those that it takes very directly with what was seen in Among Us. This test will be open until February 9 and will serve for the study to gather useful information for development.