Expect A Lot of Goals in the 2022 NHL Playoffs


The 2021-22 NHL regular season was nothing short of exciting with eight players scoring over 100 points and a 60-goal scorer in Auston Matthews. Not only was the player scoring up this year but all around NHL scoring as a whole was up this season. The league goal-scoring average was 3.14 which is the highest since the 1995-96 season which also averaged 3.14 goals by team. 

If you checked out any NHL Odds on BetUs this season and bet all Overs you would’ve won 53% of the time this season. Out of the 1,296 games this NHL season, the Over hit in 660 games with 586 going under. The remaining 50 games resulted in a push with many over/unders set at totals like 6 or 7 instead of 5.5 or 6.5.

Through all Game 1 games in this playoffs, there were a total of 41 goals scored for a league average of 2.56 by team which is down from the regular season average but three teams were shutout in Game 1. Teams like the Colorado Avalanche and Toronto Maple Leafs will continue the goal scoring as they ended the regular season top five in goal scoring this year with averages over 3.75. They both scored over five goals in Game 1 with the Avalanche scoring the most with seven.

Teams like the Minnesota Wild and Tampa Bay Lightning ended the regular season top ten in goal scoring but were shutout in Game 1. As a result, both teams will look to get back to form as they are both capable of scoring over 3.40 goals per game. The Dallas Stars were the third team who ended Game 1 without a goal but faced the league’s third best team in GAA in the Calgary Flames.The Stars were the 21st in the league in goals for per game with 2.84 but following a shutout they will be itching to get back in the goal scoring column.

Although they won Game 1, the Calgary Flames only scored one goal so they are another team that will look to keep up with their regular season scoring rate of 3.55 goals for per game. Following a two goal Game 1, the Panthers are another team expected to come out on fire in Game 2 as they play against the Washington Capitals who ended their regular season just shy of 3.00 GAA with a 2.98. With the Panther’s league leading 4.11 goals for per game, they will look to attain that same scoring rate as they are also the league’s President Trophy winner.

This regular season there were four players who scored 50 or more goals and all four are on teams in the playoffs. Watch for Auston Matthews, Leon Draisaitl, Chris Kreider, and Alex Ovechkin who all look to continue their dominating regular season play into the playoffs. Alex Ovechkin was the lone player of the four who did not score Game 1 but he did contribute to a goal with an assist. Auston Matthews led his team with two goals and is continuing to help his team following a 60-goal scoring season.

With Game 1 of each series complete, the over/under record is an even 4-4. With a regular season record of 660-586-50, the Over is expected to be the winning bet going forward. BetUs has the NHL Odds for all games going forward and with three shutout teams looking to score in their upcoming Game 2’s the Over is suggested. As the NHL had guys like Matthews, Kreider, Draisaitl, and Ovechkin all scoring 50+ goals this season and the league scoring average at its highest since 1995-96 you can expect plenty of goal scoring during the NHL Playoffs. With the Game 1 average of 2.56 goals, expect that number to go above 3.00 following Game 2.


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