Explanation of the ending of Scarlet Witch and Vision in its first season, connection with the comics and more details



This article deals with the final plot of Scarlet Witch and Vision, its connection between characters and comics and the outcome of many elements, therefore, if you have not seen until the end of the Disney + television show, we recommend you come back later.

<p> To add some background, Earth-199999 is the universe in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes place, while Earth-616 is the main Marvel universe in the comics.  In Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta’s beloved comic, The Vision, Vision and their family lived in house number 616, so it is possible that Wanda and Vision’s house address, number 2800, points to reality in the one that takes place Scarlet Witch and Vision.  </p>
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<p>The end has arrived.<strong> Scarlet Witch and Vision </strong>has ended, and has closed a convulsive plot that has been able to monopolize the attention of Marvel fans during 8 interminable weeks of investigations, guessing attempts and <strong>difficult explanations</strong> that have led, in part, to play with a dedicated community that has not been successful in general.</p>
<p>But yes it has <strong>connected with the characters</strong> thanks to a twisted rupture of the fourth wall that has brought our reality into contact with that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on a level only recently explored by Francis Underwood in House of Cards.  We finally know why this has happened.  What was SWORD up to? We finally know who this Vision is.  Although it is called “The Last Episode”, it should have been called, simply, <strong>duel</strong>.</p>
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<p> Vision’s tie in Episode 1 has a distinctive pattern, and may be a reference to Tom King’s work, which precisely showed Vision living a life outside.  </p>
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<p>There have been key moments during the plot that have left us without arguments.  For one thing, why Westview suddenly “disappears” and takes on the look of a sitcom.  Now we know: Wanda, induced to a very strong pain by the loss, goes to the offices of SWORD to <strong>try to recover the remains of Vision to bury him</strong>.  A letter induces her to go to Westview, as they are the plans of the place that Vision supposedly wanted to use as the house in which to settle as a family.</p>
<p>In episode 8 we learned that the <i>sitcom</i> They had always been the way to escape for Wanda, who, broken by the situation, recreates in the town without being able to remedy an idyllic situation that will be used by both the witch Agatha Harkness (to take over Wanda’s powers) and by herself. <strong>Sword, who secretly works to revive Vision</strong>, which they call the most powerful weapon to date.</p>
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Another moment that left us speechless was the supposed connection to the multiverse. Yes, the appearance of Pietro, or rather “Quicksilver“For some reason, the character came from Fox’s X-Men saga, rather than from the actor of Wanda’s late brother (he was killed by Ultron in the second Avengers tape). And by that we mean that the actor who embodies it is Evan Peters. We all rubbed our hands: the time had come. It was more than likely. multiverse it was here. Someone had brought Pietro from another reality; so much so that outside Westview they didn’t even know who he was.

It is believed that the villain Nightmare will be the main threat in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the film that will connect with the outcome of Wandavision.  Therefore, it does not seem casual that Pietro refers that Wanda

But the last episode has managed to completely remove that idea from our minds. Can result disappointingBut it’s a mix of wink and coincidence that plays on a black sense of humor about it: Evan Peters plays a kid, a Westview neighbor, and Agatha is using him. The question is … why does Wanda recognize him as her brother? We can attribute it to the powers of the malevolent witch posing as the neighbor. And because the people of Marvel love to play with our investigations. Paul Bettany already said it: they were having a great time watching people theorize.

Agatha She is the mentor of Scarlet Witch in the comics. And in the series, really, they make something similar happen. It is true that it is separated from the plot of graphic novels in order and events; also in methods. But Wanda takes from her certain resources, in addition to knowing her true identity thanks to her: is the scarlet witch, a powerful being capable of destroying the world. Agatha unwittingly reveals all the power at her disposal, makes her understand the use of methods such as runes, and shows her the Book of the Damned. A book that, seen, our dear Wanda takes away.

Monica Rambeau, on the other hand, it has a much more secondary role than one might expect; participates in exposing the plans of the head of SWORD and tries to protect Wanda’s children; Everything seems to indicate that this series is only an excuse to use as a character who was the daughter of Captain Marvel’s partner. We haven’t known about her for a long time, but we do know that Mary, his mother, passed away during the period, the time in which Thanos has ended half of life in the Universe.

Monica re-materializes, participates in this plot and … surprise! There is a post-credits scene, and a supposed agent shows her that she is actually a Skrull. If you do not remember why an alien of this species offers to fly, you are in time to re-view the film starring Carol Danvers. We are already preparing the body, therefore, for the sequel to Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau, Monica’s mother in Captain Marvel

We finally see the Vision “white”, a being programmed to “end” Vision (the classic, recreated by Wanda). But this also does not go well for SWORD, who were only trying to rescue the remains of the mind stone using Wanda: both characters, played by Paul Bettany, they have a face to face in which, for the first time, the series offers us certain flashes of the Avengers film saga. After swallowing hard to see Thanos’s face and understand the past, the new Vision understands what his identity is and disappears.

¿Where is it going? Are we marking the possible new encounter with Wanda in the future? Will you destroy yourself to complete your mission? It does not close: remember that it is Marvel. There will be a lot of fabric to cut. Little by little, the battle between Wanda and Agatha heightens, but the revelation of the true nature of the Scarlet Witch has the effect of unleashing a brutal power thanks to which we see her again dressed in the style of the comics (which we already showed as a wink during Halloween). And in case the outfit does not sound familiar to you, yes, indeed, is inspired by his father’s helmet.

Scarlet Witch, Vision (white) and Agatha Harkness in the comics

Let us never forget that huge power of Wanda (and her brother) comes from one of the most powerful mutants in history: Magneto, the father of both (whom we have not seen in the film saga, but of which we get a glimpse in the series, dressed in total normal). But Wanda has been manipulated, and is finally aware of why. They have taken advantage of their grief. It has not contained it. They have taken advantage of the pain, or as Vision already said, of the “love that prevails“.

Wanda defeats and bewitches the witch Agatha, and in a painful and resigned gesture, she says goodbye to her life by putting her children to bed and embracing a melancholic vision that we now know, she has created because of how much she misses him. The spell closes, taking the plot with it, and Wanda, already fully dressed as the Scarlet Witch, it will.

<p> Billy and Tommy are seen playing with Wii controllers, which later transform into GameCube controllers, an Atari joystick, and Uno cards </p>
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<p>And in that <strong>last post-credits scene</strong>, we see how he is faking a secluded, peaceful life, almost a memory of how Thanos retired from the universe to a cabin … but at the same time, he is acquiring all the power of the Book of the Damned.  We hear their children screaming.  He won’t stop until he gets what he wants: happiness, and bring Vision and his twins back.  We do not know if the one already out there, or the one he remembers.  But that enormous power and knowledge will lead her to the plot of <strong>Doctor Strange and the Multiverse</strong> <strong>of Madness.</strong> Because yes, in the end, everything has been a <strong>craziness</strong>.</p>
<p>From the episodes with intro and credits to the comic connection with Fox’s X-Men;  from the seductively bizarre role of Agnes / Agatha to the breaking of the fourth wall.  From the memories of the Avengers saga to Paul Bettany enjoying the theories, or the showrunner of the series keeping silent so as not to reveal if that Quicksilver meant something or not.</p>
<p>And so ladies and gentlemen <strong>Scarlet Witch and Vision has broken several walls</strong>: the of the <strong>fictional series</strong>, that of many Marvel characters according to their origin (Ant-Man or Thor), <strong>the one from the Disney + series </strong>reaching out to the cast and all of us (getting involved) and lastly,<strong> the complicated connection between cinema and series</strong>, which for the first time (and until we see how Falcon and the Winter Soldier are doing) has managed to win everyone over in a closer way than all the previous attempts, which took place on Netflix.</p>
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<p> WandaVision is clearly inspired by classic sitcoms like I Love You, Lucy, and Bewitched, and the end credits look a lot like the first ones. </p>
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<p>And now that it’s over <strong>we will miss Westview, the theories and the hopes.  Once again, I grieve.</strong></p>

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