Ezequiel Garay separated from Tamara Gorro: “We have been living together for months without being as a couple, but there is love”

Former Argentine soccer player Ezequiel Garay separated from model Tamara Gorro.
Former Argentine soccer player Ezequiel Garay separated from model Tamara Gorro.

One of the ruptures that has undoubtedly taken the world by surprise is that of the former Argentine footballer Ezequiel Garay, who has decided together with Tamara Beanie end your relationship after 12 years. Although they seemed the perfect couple because they were always affectionate and very close on social networks, they have decided go on with their lives separately and they confirmed it precisely on their Instagram profiles.

“I start this 2022 making this video that I never wanted to record and couldn’t even imagine. Ezequiel and I are going to take time as a couple, as a married couple”, dice Tamara Hat at the beginning of the video that he has shared with all his followers. “We are going to separate, not to divorce. We have stopped in time with the hope of recovering and ending life together as we have always wanted “, he clarified.

This filming was shared by himself Garay on their social networks to show their position after the event. Former player of 35 years, who was world runner-up with the Argentine National Team in 2014 and who has decided to retire from professional football this year, dedicated some beautiful words to the mother of his children, Shaila Y Antonio.

Ezequiel Garay's message for Tamara Gorro on her Instagram.
Ezequiel Garay’s message for Tamara Gorro on her Instagram.

“It is not goodbye, it is a see you later, I love you and whatever happens you will always be the love of my life, thank you for these twelve wonderful years”, has written who throughout his career wore the shirts of Newell’s, Racing de Santander, Real Madrid, Benfica, Zenit and Valencia.

In the video he posted on his networks, Tamara Beanie She is very affected but has remembered several moments that they have shared with Ezequiel Garay, whom she recognizes as the man of her life. “Ezequiel will always have me by his side, let’s get back together or be it indefinite. I love him, I love him and I know that he does too “he commented.

“Why do I say it now? I have not said it before because the decision was not made. Now I say it because I want to anticipate possible rumors, in the sense that we now live together. We have been living together for several months without being as a couple but there is love, we are with the children, we share all the moments, there is a very good relationship. But obviously they are going to proceed to take steps because we are going to separate. We are going to be in different houses and I don’t want to feed crisis rumors”He added.

Ezequiel Garay and Tamara Gorro have two children: Shaila and Antonio.
Ezequiel Garay and Tamara Gorro have two children: Shaila and Antonio.

The influence that accompanied Garay During all these years he closed his speech with an optimistic look: “I am going through a very screwed up moment, not only because of my marriage, but it leaves everything and I only wish one thing, that it has a very happy ending. It is a pause and then take a run. I’m never going to talk about it again. “


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