Ezra Miller, star of The Flash, pleads not guilty to a robbery crime and faces 26 years in prison


The Flash star Ezra Miller has pleaded not guilty of the felony theft charges, and if convicted, they face a maximum prison term of 26 years and a fine of more than $2,000.

According to Deadline, Miller was charged in Vermont, United States, and appeared remotely on October 17 for a session. The charges stem from an August 7 incident in Vermont in which Miller allegedly stole three bottles of liquor from the pantry of a private home.

The actor could also face up to $2,000 in fines.

According to Miller’s rep, the house belonged to a childhood friend of Miller’s, and the actor believed they were able to break into the house to get some rice wine while cooking with his mother. The representative also said that Miller “He didn’t realize that the friend didn’t want to be a friend anymore.”

In court Monday, Miller was told to stay away from the homeowner, as well as another Vermont resident. The next hearing for this case will be on January 13, 2023.

“Ezra would like to acknowledge the love and support he has received from his family and friends, who continue to be a vital presence in his continued mental health,” said Miller’s attorney, Lisa B. Shelkrot.

This was just one example of Miller’s recent legal troubles, and comes on top of incidents in Hawaii, Massachusetts and North Dakota. These accusations include manipulation, intimidation and endangerment of people, disorderly conduct, throwing a chair at a woman, grabbing a woman by the neck, bullying minors, and more.

There were reports that DC was not going to keep Miller in the role of the Flash in future DC movies, but another report claims that he has returned to the set to reshoot scenes from The Flash after an apology for his recent behavior.

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A latest report claims that a Flash sequel has already been scripted, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean Miller will return, DC is busy planning for the beloved character’s future.