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Facundo Campazzo’s two exquisite assists in Denver Nuggets win over Phoenix Suns

Campazzo’s game against the Suns

The Cordovan base Facundo Campazzo played just over 14 minutes and only claimed a triple in the valuable victory of Denver Nuggest (9-7) before Phoenix Suns (8-7), as a visitor, by 120 a 112, on another day of the NBA.

The match was played in the Phoenix Suns Arena where the Argentine base played 14 minutes and 48 seconds, an average similar to what he usually has on the court, although this time he only added two exquisite assists and a triple.

In the first quarter there were alternations on the scoreboard, in fact, the visitors got a 15-1 run until finished with a result of 30-28. Thus, in the second quarter again there were several movements on the electronic board and ended with a partial result of 31-30. Therefore, the players came to the break with a 61-58.

During the third manga Denver Nuggets managed to overcome the game until reaching the tie and end with a partial result of 16-15 (77-73). A comeback that continued in the course of the last quarter, although again several changes of leader were observed on the scoreboard. The duel ended with a partial result of 21-25, and another of the parity samples was reflected with the tie at 98-98 between both teams, so it was necessary to wait until overtime to know the winner.

During overtime the show was also changeable and dizzying, until it concluded with the final result of the match 112-120 in favor of Denver Nuggets.

During the meeting they stood out Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray for its remarkable production based on obtaining 29 points, six assists and 22 rebounds and 26 points, five assists and six rebounds respectively. For its part, in the local franchise the performances of Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton, with 21 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds and 17 points, one assist and 13 rebounds respectively.

In the next engagement of the NBA, Denver Nuggets will measure his strength against Dallas Mavericks at Centro American Airlines, while the next meeting of Phoenix Suns will be against Oklahoma City Thunder at Phx Arena.


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