Fakes Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Fakes Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

American comedy-thriller series Fakes was developed by David Turko for the Netflix streaming platform. Two teens who are great friends are the focus of the main storyline.

The most skilled Hollywood actors who had made the comedy thriller series more likeable and enjoyable were sacked by the show’s creators.

Emilija Baranac, Richard Harmon, Jennifer Tong, Wern Lee, Eric Bempong, Dylan Sloane, Emily Leung, and several more are among the cast’s most gifted members.

On September 2, 2022, the Netflix streaming platform hosted the series’ first broadcast. Ten episodes made up the series, all of which were published on identical day and garnered generally positive reviews from reviewers and viewers. On IMDb, it presently has a 6.4 out of 10 rating.

One of the most eagerly awaited series seasons is the second season of Fakes. The American comedy-thriller tv programme Fakes was developed by David Turko for Netflix. The story revolves on two adolescent pals who are great friends.

They build up a big phoney identification enterprise spanning North America. Executive producer David Turko collaborates alongside Simon Barry, Lilly Burns, Stephen Hegyes, Jake Fuller, Jasmin Mzaffari, and Tony Hernandez. The directors are Mars Horodyski, Jasmin MOzaffari, and Joyce Wong.

To make their comedy-thriller series more entertaining and relevant, the producers enlisted the help of the biggest Hollywood names.

Richard Harmon and Emilija Baranac are two of the cast members with the highest talent. Erin Bempong and Wern Lee. Sloane, Dylan. Eleanor Leung. And there are a lot of other people.

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The first episode of the series debuted on Netflix on September 2, 2022. There were 10 episodes of the show.

The release date for each episode was the same. Both reviewers and spectators responded well to it. On IMDb, it presently has a 6.4 rating.

Every now and again, Netflix surprises its viewers with incredible material, and now it’s back with an entirely novel drama series, Fakes, which will premiere on September 2, 2022.

It’s a funny tale about two best friends from high school, Zoe and Becca, who unintentionally start their own false ID business. Things drastically change as their company begins to succeed, and their manner of living as criminals becomes all too real.

Fakes Season 2 Release Date

As of September 2022, the show’s creators have neither cancelled nor renewed Fakes for a second season. Given how much both viewers and reviewers like the series, it will undoubtedly be renewed for a second season. We anticipate seeing it in 2023 or 2024, assuming that it is extended in the next days.

Fakes Season 2 Cast

Emilija Baranac plays Zoe Christensen in Fakes, Richard Harmon plays Tryst, and Jennifer Tong plays Rebecca Li. The other cast of the series includes Eric Bempong as Ken, Matreya Scarrwener as Sally, Wern Lee as Clem Lam, Mya Lowe as Sophie, Emily Leung as Isabelle Li, Debbie Podowski as Margot, Toby Hargrave as Larry, Shawna Clarke as Principal, Devon Alexander as Liquor Store Employee, Devon Slack as Cop Penthouse, Elfina Luk as Sandra Li, Jason Asuncion as MorMart Employee, and many more are there.

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Fakes Season 2 Trailer

Fakes Season 2 Plot

There has been no information on whatever will occur in Season 2 since Season 1 just ended. But let’s look at what transpired in the very first season for the time being.

The plot revolves on two people creating false identity cards so they may buy booze. Rebecca is pleased when Zoe creates two cards; they test them as well before being asked to the fictitious address.

They wonder what may occur if they keep on doing that as they escape with the deck of cards and booze.

It seems that they are producing and selling the cards to several individuals in order to build a bank when they encounter a guy named Tryst who says that he can transfer over 200 cards.

They host parties while dressing to impress, bring automobiles and a penthouse in addition to a lot of money.

Despite their advanced age, they seem to be having a great time. However, Tryst threatens the girls and says they’re going to owe him $200 and $30,000.

They end up storming a party they throw with another person, but the police are unsure whether Tryst phoned them.

The events of Season 2 will undoubtedly be impacted by a number of things that occur near the conclusion of Season 1.

A teen drama focused on Zoe and Becca, two high school students that end up operating a fake ID business, may be found on Netflix.

Making and selling bogus IDs to their classmates is a chance for business, according to Becca and Zoe.

For the majority of minors, being able to purchase alcohol and visit adult places with phoney IDs is an ultimate goal.

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With the help of Tryst as an investor and Becca’s connections and wealth, as well as Zoe’s skills and speedy online learning, they launch their false ID firm.

But it won’t be long before their operation gets the police’s notice and they found themselves in serious legal danger.

To give the plot a satisfactory conclusion, season two may be made as a miniseries like to previous YA comedy. Any future updates will be shared with you.

According to the teaser, what begins as creating two false identity cards so they may purchase booze develops into an empire than rises and collapses.

Despite knowing that Zoe believes anybody could produce the first two cards, Rebecca is intrigued by them.

They try them forth at a shop only to have the plainly false address pointed out to them. They consider what they may do if they continued to create fakes as they leave with their cards and booze in hand.

When they approach Tries and present him with their work, he estimates that he can shift around 200 of their cards for them.

They seem to be printing them to use him, selling them to other people, and earning money in the process.

They seem to be earning a lot of money with their new company since they purchase automobiles and a penthouse.

They throw parties and dress fabulously, possibly only possible due of their recent financial success. For them, everything is going well, especially given their age.