Falcon and the Winter Soldier: a leaked toy could have revealed the plot

*Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Keep reading only at your own risk.

Images of what appears to be an upcoming action figure based on the Disney + series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, may have revealed significant plot detail for the show.

The figure, if authentic, spoils what could be an important moment for the show, so we recommend that you do not read ahead if you want to see it without any advance.

The new photos, which were posted on Twitter by the account BRMarvelNews, show a Hasbro action figure of Sam Wilson dressed in a Captain America costume. The nameplate on the toy box reads Captain America instead of Wilson’s more familiar superhero title, Falcon. Additionally, the box features a picture of actor Anthony Mackie as Wilson dressed in the Captain America costume.

The costume itself is almost a 1: 1 recreation of Sam Wilson’s Captain America costume from the Marvel comics, as he debuted in All-New Captain America # 1, released in November 2014. Wilson received the Captain America mantle afterward. of Steve Rogers delivering it to him in Captain America Vol.7 # 25. During the history of that time, Steve Rogers had aged beyond his prime fighting moment, something that may have influenced the scene in Avengers: Endgame, where Elder Cap passes the shield to the Falcon.

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Remember that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be released exclusively for Disney + on March 19, 2021. While you wait, you can take a look at this article, in which we can see how the protagonists of the series will dress.