Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Screenwriter Says It’s the Antithesis of Scarlet Witch and Vision


In two days we will have the long-awaited series on Disney + Falcon and the Winter Soldier, another continuation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but with a more earthy and warlike approach than that of the recent (and successful) Scarlet Witch and Vision. A series of nine episodes that, they promise, will be different from the wave of theories that Wanda’s series has generated, says Comicbook.

In fact, it was provoking theories one after another every day after each episode. According to Malcolm Spellman, the new series will be just the opposite. In an interview with Inverse, Spellman said that Marvel is going to focus on the “buddy tale” style:

One thing Marvel wanted before I even got into the project was that they wanted a two-part adventure. And it is what I proposed, an adventure of two colleagues who have to deal with problems while still maintaining a certain sense of humor.

That is why Falcon and the Winter Soldier is considered the antithesis of Scarlet Witch and Vision given the difference in record between the two series.

The other thing that the story of colleagues supposes is that, if you already know them, there is no mystery. All the characters are original. We will see emotions and connection, or lack thereof, something that I think people will appreciate. As exciting as Scarlet Witch and Vision, but in a totally opposite way.”

It seems that here we are not going to concoct theories about Mephisto and company, and we will return to a more bellicose style, as we already said. And hopefully they keep that humorous touch that we love.

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