Falcon and the Winter Soldier: the Showrunner promises a “completely different” Sharon Carter


El showrunner de Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Malcolm Spellman, has talked about how Sharon Carter has evolved as a character since Captain America: Civil War.

Spellman speaking as a guest on The AV Club’s Push The Envelope podcast, series creator, showrunner, and lead writer Spellman revealed that Emily VanCamp’s character will have been completely transformed when we meet her in the latest MCU series because she’s grown significantly in the period between Civil War and Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

“Emily [VanCamp] he had a baby face “, explicó Spellman. “She looks very sweet and innocent, but Sharon Carter is going to emerge as a badass character. She would have to use much more inappropriate language to describe how amazing she is. Let’s just say this: Sharon Carter has already grown up. I guess what she did. So much fun was it that we got to know Sharon in Captain America: Civil War, and you just have to consider what would have happened naturally between Civil War and now and you get a completely different Sharon Carter. “.

As the niece of SHIELD founder Peggy Carter, Sharon previously assisted Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes when Bucky was accused of a terrorist attack by Helmut Zemo, a character who will once again provoke more drama in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. . Spellman says past events will continue to be a driving force behind Zemo’s motives in the MCU miniseries.

“Zemo believes that people who are gifted with extraordinary abilities, such as law enforcement or, in this case, heroes, will inherently abuse their power, and he has very good reason to think so.”, dijo Spellman. “They destroyed his country using his city as a bomb and killed his entire family along with everyone he knew.”.

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Neither of these characters appeared in the first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but when they do finally appear, we know that Sharon will be donning his Agent 13 uniform, while Zemo will be wearing his purple mask from the comics.

There may be practical reasons for Zemo to don a suit.For example, in the comics, the mask is shown to give him resistance to psychic attacks, similar to how Magneto’s helmet protects against Professor X’s powers. The purple mask’s real significance lies in his family history, with Helmut being the second character to use the title Baron Zemo, after his father Heinrich Zemo.

We look forward to learning more about all of these topics as the show progresses, with episode 2 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier available to stream starting tomorrow, March 26, 2021, on Disney +.