Fallout: the community chooses the best of the saga


We all have a favorite in the sagas. There are those who say that there has not been a Resident Evil after Code Verónica, there are those who assure that the Devil May Cry saga died in the third. We all have a predilection, and since voting is so fashionable, now it has turned to nothing less than the mythical saga Falloutreports Comicbook. They have scored a beastly vote on Reddit worthy of The Game Awards with a number of areas that you can see below:

Here are the Fallout Questionnaire 2021 results! from r/Fallout

As you can see, not only the game in general is valued, but many areas of it. The game that introduced us to the saga, what games we have played in it, which one we liked the most, which one is the worst … even if we would implement KARMA again in the next installment.

It’s funny because Fallout 3 is the one that has introduced people the most to the saga (in general we can understand it, it was the first to offer a more modern experience and it appeared on PC and two generations of console), although Fallout: New Vegas is It carries several awards in general, which is not surprising either. Fallout 4 has a lot of presence while that of “76” focuses on other aspects, as far as we can deduce.

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We are eager to know what the future of a saga that is more than mythical is up to, although we suppose that, given the current business style, it would not be unreasonable to think of more “service type” games so that the wasteland is a habitat. natural to all of us for a few years.

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