Fans And Family Of Singer CoCo Lee Cried St Her Emotional Funeral


Fans And Family Of Singer CoCo Lee Cried St Her Emotional Funeral:

At her funeral on Monday in Hong Kong, family, friends, and fans said goodbye to singer and actor CoCo Lee. They celebrated her decades-long career, which included dozens of popular records, movies, and TV shows all over the world.

Lee was an artist who could sing in more than one language. She was also one of the initial Chinese singers to become popular in the US. She died a few weeks ago at the age of 48 after a long fight with depression, her family says.

Fans Stood Within Line Outside A Funeral Home Within Hong Kong:

Fans stood in line outside a funeral home in Hong Kong, where a private and a public remembrance service were held before her burning.

Fans of the late Hong Kong pop star Coco Lee said that her husband was to blame for her sadness and death. Her husband, however, said that he had nothing to do with her choice to end her life.

Bruce Rockowitz Stated That He Had Nothing To Do With Her Death At All:

Bruce Rockowitz informed the Post upon Tuesday, “I had nothing to do alongside her death at all.” Fans of the star had approached him earlier in the day at the Cape Collinson Crematorium within Chai Wan. They blamed him for Lee’s suicide attempt, which led to his death.

The end of a two-day funeral turned into chaos within the late morning when fans from mainland China yelled at him, calling him a “murderer” as well as someone with “no conscience” and telling him to “give me back my Coco.”

Fans Stood For Hours To Say Goodbye To Their Hero:

They stood for hours to be able to say good-bye to their hero. Many of them wore black and held white flower bouquets. Lee’s older sister, Nancy, quoted the star when she thanked the guests for their help.

“At her concerts, my sister would often say, “You could have gone anywhere, but you decided to be with me today.” This is what Nancy Lee said at the funeral service, which was broadcast live.

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Rockowitz told the Post, “I don’t understand Chinese very well, so I don’t know what was stated to me during the burning. That wasn’t nice at all.”

The 64-year-old investor moved to Hong Kong within the late 1970s. He said his friendship alongside Lee, who was 48 at the time, lasted 20 years until she killed herself earlier this month.

Rockowitz Said We Have Been Together For 20 Years And No Relationship Was Perfect Within Every Way:

In 2011, they got married in a fancy wedding that stars from the city and various other places came to. “We’ve been together for 20 years. He said, “No relationship is perfect in every way.”

Within an earlier interview alongside the Post, Rockowitz said that he moved to Hong Kong at age 20 to work as a tennis pro at the Hong Kong Country Club.

At the time, he was in the midst of a college course in Boston, Massachusetts. Later, Rockowitz met Allan Zeman, who was the founder of the Lan Kwai Fong entertainment district in Central, and went into business with him. They worked together on a supply chain management project.

Rockowitz Was Co Founder Of Pure Group Fitness Chain And  Director Of The Step Digital Group:

Rockowitz is additionally the co-founder of the Pure Group fitness chain as well as a director of the technology consulting company Step Digital Group. The singer’s family had said before that she tried to kill herself on July 2 and died on July 5.

A lot of stars as well as movie makers who had worked with Lee over the course of her career were also shown in a video homage. Lee was cremated upon Tuesday her body was taken out of the funeral building by 8 of her best friends as well as colleagues.

Lee was born in Hong Kong but grew up in the U.S. She started her music career within Hong Kong after receiving a singing contest there.

She Was Able To Sing Within English, Mandarin And Cantonese:

During the 1990s, she had a lot of success in Asia, especially in Taiwan. She sang within English, Mandarin, as well as Cantonese, and her records sold millions of copies.

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But it was the mix of R&B and hip-hop in her music that made her become popular in the US within the late 1990s. Within the Mandarin version of “Mulan” from 1998, she did the voice of Fa Mulan, the main character from a Disney movie.

She Sang “A Love Before Time” For The Hit Movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”:

She sang “A Love Before Time,” a love song from the martial arts hit “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” at the Oscars in 2001. That year, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” won the award for best foreign film.

Director Ang Lee remembered that the singer promised to do her best at that show so that she could help more Asian people win awards.

“I still think of her cute face, which is always bright and good. Within a message broadcast at the funeral, the director said, “We really think it’s a big loss.”

Lee’s Chinese heritage as well as connection to the US additionally drew tributes from singers alongside similar backgrounds, involving David Tao, Wang Leehom, Vanness Wu, as well as rapper Jin Au-Yeung, better known to be MC Jin.

In recent years, Lee’s popularity in mainland China grew a lot after she appeared on singing battle shows like “Infinity as well as Beyond” as well as “Singer.”

Almost 400 Million People Was Watching Her Funeral Upon Social Media:

Her funeral was one of the most looked-up things on the Chinese social media site Weibo, where almost 400 million people follow events. Marvis Lu, who is 35 years old, came from central China to Hong Kong to attend the funeral.

“CoCo has motivated me a lot over the years, and she’s helped myself through extremely difficult times,” he said. Catherine Yang, who is 35 and is also from Shanghai, said that Lee helped her learn more about singing. Lee was the initially artist she heard singing within English, the fan stated.

After hours of awaiting, fans were allowed through within batches to the memorial hall, a few sobbing as they laid down floral tributes.

Within October She Left Her Home:

A person who knows the situation said that Lee moved out of her home in October of last year and moved into a rented room at the Four Seasons Hotel within Central.

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The person said that she felt sick on June 30 and spent a day in the hospital before moving to live with her sister upon The Peak, which is where she later tried to kill herself.

Lee Had Leg Surgery Within February:

The source added that Lee had leg surgery within February this year and required to take medicine. But he claimed she weren’t seen to have suicide thoughts at the time.

At Lee’s funeral, Rockowitz didn’t talk to Lee’s sisters, Nancy as well as Carol, very much. He sat in the second row close to the altar at the funeral home with his two daughters from his previous marriage.

The service upon Tuesday morning had been closed to the public, alongside only Lee’s family, friends, as well as 200 fans present. After a private service, when the Hong Kong Funeral Home open its doors to the public, hundreds of people came to say goodbye to the star.

“CoCo Lee was a true legend of the music industry. “But just as important, she was kind, caring, and a great friend and teacher to everyone,” Jonathan Serbin, co-president of Warner Music Asia, said in his eulogy.

Rockowitz Stated That The Allegations Had Hurt His Image:

He said that the allegations had hurt his image, in addition to his family’s, as well as affected their lives.

Rockowitz also said that he as well as his late wife kept their finances separate the whole time they were married, and he said that he had not been involved with her estate and would not be.

Lee Was The First Chinese Singer To Be Hired Through Sony Music Worldwide:

Lee was the first Chinese singer to be hired through Sony Music worldwide. She was also the initial and sole Chinese artiste to perform at the Oscars. She sang “A Love Before Time” from Ang Lee’s 2000 award-winning movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.