Fans Are Worried About Their Favorite Shows Because Of The End Of A League Of Their Own


Fans Are Worried About Their Favorite Shows Because Of The End Of A League Of Their Own:

Abbi Jacobson used to have a lot of fun at Amazon. But after Prime Video scrapped plans for a shorter second and final installment of A League of Their Own as well as said it was because of the WGA as well as SAG-AFTRA strikes, the drama’s co-creator isn’t messing around anymore.

Jacobson has called out Amazon for their “bulls—” as well as “cowardly” reasons for stopping the highly praised drama-comedy based on the 1992 movie of the same name.

“What luck I’ve had having the opportunity to share these stories as well as play a character who I admire so much!” Jacobson put something on Instagram. “What an unusual thing! I’m sad today because of this.”

In April, The Online Video Platform Ordered A Cut Down Second Episode Of The Series:

In April, the streaming service requested a second part of the series that was cut short, but on Friday, it changed its mind. This means that the last four episodes are stuck within its dugout.

Amazon told EW that it had dropped the previous season two order because of the current strikes by writers and artists in opposition to the Alliance of Motion Picture as well as Television Producers.

Friday, TVLine reported that Prime Video has chosen not to make the second and final season of the show. An source at Amazon said that the cancellation is because of the strikes by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA, which are still going on.

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Jacobson Replied, “It’s Stupid And Cowardly To Blame The Cancellation Upon The Strike”:

“To blame this cancellation upon the strike was bullsh*t as well as cowardly,” Jacobson replied in an Instagram post upon Friday. “But that’s not what this post is about. About how the program has been pushed through the ringer in so many ways.”

She went on, “This post is regarding a special show I was lucky enough to make with so many amazingly skilled artists, actors, writers, as well as crew. I’m so proud of this show. Full of stories that are worth telling. So full of heart, soul, and worth.”

In April, almost a year after its first season aired, A League of Their Own was officially picked up for a final season. Season 2 was called a “four-episode short series,” which was half as many episodes as Season 1.

In August 2022, A League Of Their Own First Aired:

A League of Their Own, which was made by Jacobson and Will Graham, debuted in August 2022. It was based upon a Penny Marshall movie regarding an all women’s baseball league during World War II, but it went deeper into topics like race and sexuality that Marshall only touched on briefly.

Jacobson ended her Instagram post by saying how “lucky” she felt to work on a “special show” alongside “so many incredible artists, actors, writers, as well as crew.”

“A show that I’m extremely proud of,” she wrote. full of stories that are worth telling. So full of heart, soul, and worth.

We appreciate you watching.” People are now feeling the impact of the WGA as well as SAG strikes in a different way than just not getting paid.

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Amazon Has Begun To Drop Shows That It Had Kept For Second Seasons In The Past:

The groups’ requests are fair, but companies are being stubborn and not trying to find answers. As a result, almost all US movies and television programs have been shut down forever, which is not a good thing.

Amazon is now getting rid of shows that it had previously continued for a second season. So far, this includes season 2 of The Peripheral, an expensive science fiction show featuring Chloe Moretz that was extended two months after it started and, of course, finished on a cliffhanger.

Also, A League of Their Own was already picked up for a second season before this news came out. I also wonder what this could mean for other shows in the future.

Amazon did repeat the US version of Citadel for its second installment, yet it’s the most expensive show they’ve made other than Rings of Power, and given how bad season 1 was and how much it cost, I wonder if it could be cancelled. Rings of Power, on the other hand, seems to be set for at least five seasons, even if there are delays.