Fans ask to keep the original Mass Effect Mako


The announcement of Mass Effect Legendary Edition This past November may not have been as surprising as the reveal of a new installment in BioWare’s sci-fi saga, but it raises all kinds of questions. Will they add some enlightening easter eggs? Can we create the same Shepard that we did 14 years ago? Are they going to make Kaiden hook up early? All this is very good, but the strongest debate that has been generated after the appearance of the news is whether they should or should not improve the Mako or leave it as is, with all its retro effect.

You remember the Mako, right? The first Mass Effect game introduced us to a six-wheeled tank that Commander Shepard used on every landing on every planet, even the most boring ones. It did not matter what problem might arise: the solution lay in the use of the Mako, of which we can only have one clear complaint: it should have been better controlled.

There are many users who have spoken of the Mako as one of the eccentricities of the saga. And yes, BioWare will change and evolve elements, including visuals … but there are many who want to defend the Mako as it was 14 years ago. A powerful vehicle. For them, the Mako is a positive aspect of the saga, and they hope that BioWare does not load the formula.

“The Mako was a ratchet, and we know the physics were dodgy. But it allowed users to explore worlds that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, and I think it’s a better way to get to know a planet than by scanning it like in Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3.

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“The Mako was clunky and god knows the physics were janky as all hell. But it also let players explore worlds in a way that we couldn’t otherwise, and I’ll still hold up the Mako as a better alternative to planet scanning from Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3,” one Mako apologist, who posts as Kanguran on Reddit, told IGN. “Driving across a plain at mach five to a blip on the map to blast more raiders was fun. Plus, high powered cannons always make for good times on soft targets.”

There are defenders and detractors of the device, as we can see, and there are many who in the various forums of the game and on Reddit postulate for and against our “tank” to explore the galaxy. We do not know whether or not he was a saint of your devotion, but the request to BioWare is clear: they want it to remain as it was.