Fans Of Luke Combs Fight On Video At A Delayed Show In Philadelphia


Fans Of Luke Combs Fight On Video At A Delayed Show In Philadelphia:

A big fight broke out in a Philadelphia stadium while people were waiting for country singer Luke Combs to start his show. On Friday night at Lincoln Financial Field, a man was seen hitting and pushing a group of women as he tried to break up a fight between two groups of women.

Last Saturday night, country star Luke Combs put on a show at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. Even though Combs was meant to go on stage at 9 p.m., the show didn’t start after 11 p.m. due to bad weather.

Many Fans Left Their Places To Wait In Main Hallway:

A lot of fans left their places to wait within the covered main hallway, while others left the stadium altogether because they noticed the show was actually canceled.

Do you know what occurs when you put a big group of drunk Eagles fans in a small space for two hours? Obviously, chaos. We all know that Philadelphians aren’t the nicest people in the world. But what took place this weekend would have been right out of Always Sunny.

The Reason Was Still Unknown:

During the two-hour put off, a group of women broke into a fight of some sort. The reason is still unknown, but soon things will start to get physical. A video that has gone popular shows two women working together to practically RKO another woman.

Even if that was all that happened, it would have made the news, yet what happened afterwards is truly shocking. Check it out yourself. But you should know that it is very aggressive and might upset some watchers.

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He ran to the scene as well as stepped in to help the woman who had been assaulted by two other people. The event was caught upon camera, and the footage shows the man hitting a woman upon the ground and then pushing two more women in a violent way.

Combs’ Show Was Delayed Two Hours Due To Bad Weather:

Bad weather made things worse when Combs’ show had to be moved back two hours. In the video, you can see three women wrestling, and then they all fall to the ground yet continue wrestling. Before a guy in a green sports shirt storms in, a fourth woman dressed in black tries to calm things down.

He pushes a woman in a peach-colored top off the woman he is trying to protect and hits a blonde woman within the head. The concertgoers start to fight back by punching him, but he sends one of them to the floor and shoves the other one down.

A man in a red shirt can be seen trying to join the fight as well as asking other people to hold his cell phone. But security staff stepped in quickly and tried to calm things down.

One of the women he pushed to the floor throws a bottle of water at the man within the green sports shirt, who is seen alongside his arms surrounding the woman he was trying to protect.

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He then walks off alongside the woman who had been helping, and the two are seen moving up a set of stairs while people boo. As they go up, people throw drinks at them, and the man stirs up the crowd further by making movements, putting his middle finger up, and blowing kisses.

Some people in the crowd can be heard telling him “f*** you.” A warning from the National Weather Service a few minutes before Combs was supposed to go on stage meant that he had to wait to get there.

He said upon the stadium displays that he would act as soon as the rain stopped. The musician, whose career took off after he covered Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit “Fast Car,” was scheduled to perform at 9 p.m.

But because of a storm, he couldn’t go on until 11:20 p.m., a mere ten minutes before the city’s curfew. Fans were upset that the managers didn’t tell them what was going going on, and thousands of individuals went to the main hall to get out of the rain.

Few People Left The Stadium Because The Venue Staff Provide Them Mixed Message:

But some people left because the venue staff gave them mixed messages and it wasn’t known whether the show was going to occur or not. A different group of women were pushing each other within the middle of the hallway when another altercation broke out at Lincoln Financial Field.