Fans Think Angelina Jolie’s Fresh Middle Finger Tattoos Are About Her Ex Husband Brad Pitt


Fans Think Angelina Jolie’s Fresh Middle Finger Tattoos Are About Her Ex Husband Brad Pitt:

Angelina Jolie’s tattoo artist said that the actress got a secret tattoo on each of her middle fingers, as well as fans are having a great time guessing what it could say in the comments section.

Mr. K, who worked at the famous Bang Bang tattoo shop within New York City, posted a picture of Jolie’s fingers on Instagram on Tuesday. The new tattoo was completely blurred out to maintain it a secret.

Mr. K tagged the “Maleficent” actress and wrote, “I still can’t believe I truly grabbed her hand and then tattooed her.” He then asked his fans, “Guess what she got upon her palm?”

Mr. K Tagged The Star From “Maleficent” And Asked His Fans, “Guess What She’s Got On Her Palm?”

Mr. K, who works at the celebrity-favorite Bang Bang store in New York City, shared a picture of Angelina’s fingers upon Instagram upon Tuesday, but the new tattoo was totally covered up.

After writing, “I still can’t believe I actually grabbed her hand and then tattooed her,” Mr. K tagged the “Maleficent” star and asked his fans, “Guess what she got on her palm? People started to guess quickly, and “F—k Brad” was the most common answer.

People are talking about her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, who she was with from 2005 till their long-awaited wedding within 2014.

The couple got a divorce in 2016, but they are still fighting in court over their children and the farm they owned together.

Mr. K Is Additionally The Tattoo Artist Who Made The Controversial Piece On Doja Cat’s Back:

People have also said that the star’s new tattoo could be an ode to her children, a “warning label for potential suitors,” as well as “something spiritual.”

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Mr. K is additionally the tattoo artist who did Doja Cat’s controversial back piece, which admirers have called “demonic. Fans of the popular downtown tattoo shop include Miley Cyrus, Michael J. Fox, Sophie Turner, as well as Joe Jonas.

One user joked about being close to Jolie, “I’d never wash my fingers again,” and another wrote, “Let me lick those gloves. A third person was amazed and said, “Even her palms are pretty.”

She Also Has A Number Of Drawings For Former Lovers:

This is not Angie’s first tattoo. The 48-year-old businesswoman has many important pieces, like her complex backpiece, which celebrates her charitable work and her six children.

She also has a number of designs that are tributes to her ex-lovers, such as one that was a popular ode to her ex-husband Billy-Bob Thorton.

After getting her ex-husband’s name tattooed on her arm and then getting divorced, she swore she would never do that again.

This is not the first tattoo that Jolie has. The famous person has a lot of tattoos, including detailed back as well as arm tattoos with different kinds of writing. A big tiger is also upon her lower back.

After A Long Courtship, Jolie And Pitt Got Married In 2014:

Pitt is the father of Jolie’s five children: Maddox China, 22 years old Pax Thien, 19 years old Zahara Marley, 18 years old Shiloh Novel, 17 years old and the twins Knox Léon as well as Vivienne Marcheline.

After going out for a long time, Jolie and Pitt got married in 2014. They broke up in 2016, and the courts said they were no longer married in 2019, even though their divorce case is still going on.

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Pitt Got Similar Ink With Buddhist Drawings Made From Identical Ink To Show How They Will Always Be Together:

But Angie didn’t exactly keep her word. Just before they broke up in 2016, she and Pitt got similar tattoos of Buddhist designs drawn in the same ink to show that they would be together forever.

As for the “Fight Club” star, he has a “A” and the names of their children tattooed on his wrist. He also has Angie’s birthday written in Khmer on his lower belly, which he may have had removed with a laser, as well as doodles based on his ex-wife’s mind.