Fans Who Call Her By Her Full Name Make Doja Cat Unhappy


Fans Who Call Her By Her Full Name Make Doja Cat Unhappy:

Doja Cat’s fandom is falling apart, but she doesn’t care one bit. Throughout her career, the rapper has had a strange online relationship with her fans. She appreciates their support, but she doesn’t like it when they ask about her life outside of music or anything else.

She’ll go into the studio and record the music, but that seems to be the end of her loyalty. When a friend asked the musician on Threads to say how much she loved her fans, she replied, “I don’t even know y’all.” Now, they believe they don’t know her either, yet she’s already shown them her cards.

Doja Cat’s Relationship With Fans May Be Nasty, Especially Before “Attention.”:

Doja Cat’s behavior toward her fans may prove annoying at times, especially before the release of her new song “Attention.”

She yelled on Twitter earlier this year that her pop-leaning ventures Planet Her as well as Hot Pink were “cash grabs,” and then she insulted those who supported her for falling for it.

And when fans attacked her for not stopping to speak hello to them outside her hotel in Paraguay last year, she wrote, “I don’t give a fuck any longer, I fuckin’ quit, I am eagerly awaiting fucking disappear, so I don’t need you to believe within me anymore.” Fans have seen it all before at this point.

Doja told people to grow into a post posted to the Threads app on Sunday. The nickname is similar to “Swifties” by Taylor Swift and “Barbz” by Nicki Minaj. Doja’s Threads account seems to have been turned off in the meantime.

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“My followers don’t name themselves sh*t,” she said. “If you name yourself a “kitten” or “fucking “kittenz,” you need to turn off your phone, receive a job, as well as help your parents around the house.”

In response to her article, a fan account alongside the handle @thekittenzweb requested, “What should I alter my name to since you dislike the term kitten?”

From the point of view of the fans, their loyalty includes buying tickets to her concerts, supporting her online, and playing her songs millions of times.

Doja Cat thinks she doesn’t owe them something because she didn’t ask them to do each of those things. During her most recent fight, she said that her fans shouldn’t call themselves Kittenz.

When a fan asked for another name since she didn’t like that particular one, the rapper wrote back with a suggestion. Just get rid of the whole account and start over. Never is too late.

Some Fans Are Saying That They Gave Her The Stage And Fame But Now She Is Using Against Them:

Some of her fans think that her seeming rudeness is a violation of an unspoken social contract, since they gave her the stage and fame that she now uses against them.

They are now doing what she told them to do. Doja Cat fans alongside tens of thousands of followers each, such as Doja Cat News and The Kittens Room, shut down their Twitter accounts over the weekend. Other Instagram pages have said that they will be leaving soon.

“It makes the DCBR team very sad to say that they will be taking a break from the page for the first time within 3 years. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to tell you this, but there’s no other way. The latest things Doja said on social media really upset us kittenz.

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If we are able to call ourselves that, since even Doja doesn’t seem to like the name of the fandom she started,” the account on Instagram for Doja Cat Brazil wrote.

“Every day, we work hard to keep this page up and running, and it hurts us a lot to see the end coming.

Doja Have To Rethink What She’s Doing As A Artist:

What we hope will happen is that Doja rethinks what she’s doing as an artist and shows at least a little bit of respect for her fans, who have been there for her since when she first started and helped her get where she is now.

But it’s not just that fans don’t like them. People are upset about the rapper’s reported connection to J. Cyrus, a famous online streamer who was accused by multiple women of bullying and sexual misbehavior.

Doja Cat answered to a fan who said that people were starting to “unstan” her because of her comments and issues by writing, “I do not give a fuck what you think regarding my personal life.” This was before she turned off her Instagram comments. I have never and won’t ever. “Good riddance, you sad sacks!”

Some of her remaining fans have come up with a different, but unlikely, theory that she is introducing Scarlet, her bloody alter ego that she first hinted at in “Attention.”

Hells Mouth, a fan account on Twitter, said, “Doja does love us, but she has taken on Scarlet. They are two different characters, and she doesn’t hate us because she is good, but Scarlet does because she is bad.”

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If you believe any theory that says stopping abuse victims to be part of a big press stunt is okay, then you are knowingly and deeply jokingly delusional. If that’s the only way out, it might be better not go downward with what looks like a ship that’s going to sink anyway.

Doja Cat fan Dojaverse wrote upon Instagram, “So sad to see how bad this has all gotten alongside Doja Cat as well as her comments,” and said that they would be closing down their accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter for good. “It was a lot of fun while it lasted.”