Fast 9: Magdalene Shaw to drive


Little by little, new elements of the plot of Fast 9 and what it will bring to the saga. On this occasion, Vin Diesel has revealed one of the curiosities that most aroused the arrival of a new installment: if Helen Mirren will drive.

It has been in the Entertainment Weekly medium where the actor has confirmed the data, although he does not want to give spoilers:

Once again, and without wanting to give spoilers … you know what? I’m going to spoil you: yes, it gets to drive. It’s great. He drives and also does it in a classy way.

As you know, the film is delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we will still have to be somewhat patient. Just yesterday we told you that Vin Diesel himself spoke about some rumors and revelations regarding Fast 9, including the reason for Han’s return and the possibility that the franchise is set in space.

Although the truth is that Helen Mirren’s elegant driving could contraindicate with that spatial setting, or at least, place a double scenario.

Source: Comicbook


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