Father, father… the greed for money is such that the son reached the bank with the death certificate of the living father, know then


Bihar Crime: The son reached the bank after taking the death certificate of Zinda Bapa, but the bank manager suspected that he stopped the withdrawal of money immediately and investigated it. Told that I am alive. Also Read – Wonderful: 65-year-old woman gave birth to eight children in 13 months, will be shocked to know

The incident is from Raipur village in Banka district of Bihar, where the surviving father Devendra Singh told that his son Ashutosh has made a death certificate by declaring him dead for the greed of money. Because he could not get the money and jewelery deposited in the bank while the father was alive. For this he did this trick. But got caught. Also Read – VIDEO: On the middle road, the husband publicly cut his wife’s neck, reached the police station and spoke to her.

65-year-old Devendra Singh had the same child Ashutosh from his first wife, but a few years after his wife’s death, Devendan Singh had remarried. Since getting married, Ashutosh has not had much connection with his father. But after the death of the first wife, Devendra had declared his first son as his heir and got the jewelery banked with lakhs of rupees in his name. Also Read – Bihar: Daylight robbers looted 10 lakh rupees from Union Bank in Vaishali, money also looted from customers

Now the problem in front of the son Ashutosh was that the property was not going to come into his hands while the father was. That is why he first declared his father dead in connivance with panchayat representatives and then got the death certificate issued through the secretary of the panchayat. After about a year, he deposited the papers in the bank on 12 July 2020, in an attempt to claim the money and jewelery kept in the bank.

When there was some doubt about the date and time of claim mentioned in the papers and death certificate submitted to the bank manager, he immediately stopped the withdrawal and got it checked in which the father was also shocked when the father was revealed to be alive.

On getting information about the case, the father rushed to the bank and claimed to be alive. After that, he has given a written application to Shambhganj police station and requested to investigate the matter thoroughly. Now in this case action can be taken against the son and the concerned Panchayat representative and the Panchayat Secretary.


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