Father used to work as a laborer, daughter suddenly became a millionaire, said – don’t ask me .. learn story

UP crime: The father worked as a laborer and the daughter became a millionaire overnight. When the pole opened, everyone was shocked. The incident is from Ruknpura village in Bansdih area of ​​Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district, where the bank account of Subedar Sahni’s daughter Saroj was stirred up by getting ten crore rupees. Saroj came to know about this when she reached the bank with her mother, when the bank employees told her about ten crore rupees in her bank account, Saroj and her mother were surprised. Also Read – UP: Yogi Adityanath’s big announcement – Film City to be made in Greater Noida, Kangana praised

The bank has completely banned the transaction from Saroj’s account. After that Saroj has approached Bansdih Kotwali regarding this matter and requested action by making a written complaint. Saroj’s account is in the Bansdih branch of Allahabad Bank. When Saroj reached the bank to do the transactions in the account, the bank workers gave her this information.
The bank employees informed Saroj that the amount deposited in his account was nine crore 99 lakh four thousand seven hundred and thirty six rupees. The employees also told that the bank management has stopped the transaction of his account. Not only this, he was also informed about the transaction of several times from his bank account. Also Read – Embarrassing: The debate started over calling the dog ‘dirty’, then the bullets fired from both sides …

Saroj Bansadih came to Kotwali on hearing crores and informed the police about this whole matter. Saroj has requested action by giving a complaint letter in the case. In the complaint letter, Saroj has informed that his account is opened in Allahabad Bank in the year 2018 and two years ago, a person named Nilesh Kumar of Village Pakra, Post, Badhir, Kanpur, called him and called him in the name of getting PM accommodation. Was asked to provide cards and photos etc. Also Read – 24 years, production on more than 500 dates, then went innocent!

Saroj also sent a photo copy of Aadhaar card and other documents to Nilesh’s address. After this Saroj got the ATM card by post. Nilesh asked Saroj for his ATM card, Saroj also sent Nilesh an ATM card registered by post. After this, Saroj also informed Nilesh about his pincode.

In the complaint letter given to the police, Saroj has said that he does not know where the money has come from. He has also said that he has nothing to do with the money deposited in the account. The mobile number Nilesh used to communicate with, he is telling the mobile switch off. Inspector Rajesh Kumar Singh of Bansdih Kotwali said that the police is investigating the case. Necessary statutory action will be taken after investigation.

Allahabad Bank Bansdih branch manager Saroj Kumar Singh said that the account of Saroj Kumari daughter Subedar Sahni, resident of Ruknapara of Kotwali area, was opened on 2-8-2018. 10-20 thousand have been deposited and removed many times in this account. From 2-8-2018 to 22-01-2020, 1,75,9120 have been deposited in the account and 1753857 have also been withdrawn.

Meanwhile, information was received on the phone from Khalilabad branch that online transactions were being done wrongly with this account number. On this information, an estimated ten crore hold was put on this account by our former branch manager on 15-2-2020. It currently has 5263.05 accounts.

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